WHITESNAKE Signs New Record Deal, Promises 'Soulful, Bluesy, Melodic' New Album

February 14, 2010

WHITESNAKE's official web site has been updated with a brand new question-and-answer session with the band's mainman/vocalist, David Coverdale. A few excerpts from the interview follow below.

Q: Will WHITESNAKE tour during 2010?

Coverdale: It is unlikely that WHITESNAKE will tour in 2010 as we have committed to writing and recording a new studio album. [I am] delighted to report we are working with an enthusiastic, highly respected record company, whom at this time I am reluctant to name until they wish to make their own announcement. The album will feature all-new, fresh material. We are off to a very good start, with the new songs taking very positive shape. At this time, it feels like a solid, natural follow-up to "Good To Be Bad", but taking it to the next level. Soulful, bluesy, melodic power rock with a couple of underwear-moistening tear-jerkers thrown in for good measure. I personally feel we are off to a very strong and positive start. At this time, the plan is to resume touring in spring 2011 to coincide with the release of the new studio album. The tour will be a world tour. Yes, that includes YOUR country, boys and girls. We also are planning to mix several other WHITESNAKE-related projects this year that have been consistently requested by our supporters. So, fingers crossed, it will be a very, very busy, creative and productive time thro' 2010.

Q: You were forced to cancel some shows at the end of the last tour due to a problem with your throat. Is everything OK now?

Coverdale: My health and my voice have never been better, thank you. I am pleased with how I'm sounding on the demos of the new songs. Very secure, good tone, very powerful. No worries, baby. None whatsoever. I am so disappointed that I had to cancel the show and the U.S. tour, but these things happen. Fortunately, it doesn't happen a lot to me and the problem I had is not something that is ongoing. It was a one-time problem, some kind of blister on one of my vocal cords, and it hurt. The cure was simple — rest. I would have been able to tour again had there been an opportunity six weeks later. The human voice is a very fragile instrument, no matter how well you take care of it, and I assure you I invest in every vocal protocol you can possibly imagine. Ask any of my throat specialists. It was just one of those things.

Q: Do WHITESNAKE plan to play any acoustic/unplugged shows?

Coverdale: I certainly hope so. The only question would be "when," to which I have no immediate response at this time. We've been "testing the waters" on recent tours, playing a little acoustic break in the middle of our usual balls-to-the-wall rock show, and we've been very pleased with the result. I feel it brings another level of intimacy to our relationship with the audience. There were times you could hear a pin drop with 10,000 people out there. Pretty magical moments. So, yes, I believe there will be purely acoustic shows in more intimate environments, but when is another matter entirely. I do believe it will be a part of the future, without a doubt.

Q: Which musicians have you most enjoyed working with? Would you consider working with any of them again?

Coverdale: I rarely look back, to be honest. For some reason I even have trouble reversing in my car, so going "back" is obviously not something I like to do. I seem to be a more of a "present and forward-looking" chap, tho' I must say I have been blessed and honored to have worked with so many amazing people and musicians. As I have said before, they all, each and every one, brought something to the WHITESNAKE party. As far as going back, I'm not so sure, as I feel we should probably have fulfilled all we had to do together at the time... or we should have. I can only think of one exception right now... drummer Tommy Aldridge. When I was putting a new chapter of the band together at the end of 2002, I was actually looking for a "Tommy Aldridge"-style of drummer, when Marco Mendoza, my bass player at the time, told me that Tommy was up for the gig. So, I called him and we agreed to give it a shot. I was happy to reconnect and work together with him, as he had worked a lot with Marco in other bands, so they had a immediate good fit as a tight and powerful rhythm section. It was a solid start for a new band. Also, my dear friend Adrian Vandenberg [guitar] was a consideration but could not be part of the new lineup as he was still suffering from a compromising injury, but, thankfully, we maintain a very solid friendship. I am thrilled to be working with the current lineup of the band. Very cool people and inspiring musicians to work with, so there really is no need for me to look back. It's an honor that people hold certain members, former or current, so close to their hearts — i shows we did something good together that was precious and special — but, I have to be trusted to play or write with whom I want, and not be dictated to by business or outside emotions. I have always done my best not to let the concept of WHITESNAKE, or the people who support the band, down. I have nothing but positive feelings for people like Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore for the inspiration and motivation I received from working together with musicians of their incredible talent, but, as I have said repeatedly, please, please know that all the players, including the guys I worked with in local bands from the very beginning, helped, assisted and encouraged me as a singer and performer. I hold them all in a special place in my heart. God bless 'em.

Q: Any plans for another COVERDALE/PAGE release?

Coverdale: No... not at this time. EMI have recently been making overtures to me about putting a "special edition" together after they heard there were several unreleased tracks, but time and resource is the problem. We've been archiving lots of tapes, cassettes and videos at home recently and we have discovered a ton of the demos Jimmy and I made which could be very interesting for some people to hear. We also filmed a lot of our writing and recording sessions, so I feel we could put a terrific "special" together that would be a treat to have, but, in reality, Jimmy Page and I have never discussed reissuing or making another COVERDALE/PAGE album. There is always the possibility of something happening. I just can't see it in the forseeable future as I am busy with "all things WHITESNAKE." Personally, I am thrilled I had the opportunity to work with one of my musical heroes, and to maintain a healthy, loving friendship with him. At times, I feel some people don't understand that WHITESNAKE is my passion. I don't really look beyond what is possible outside. It's a very broad canvas for me to paint on — no boundaries, no restrictions. Oh, and I'm my own boss. Not too shabby.

Q: Have you ever considered writing an autobiography?

Coverdale: Yes, I've been asked a thousand times. I'm going to call it "How White Was My Snake". But, I haven't finished doing everthing I want to do just yet, so I'll wait until I'm done and I have time. Then... LOOK OUT!

Q: How do you do you decide on the set list for a tour?

Coverdale: Whatever we fancy playing, to be honest. Obviously, we have the "big hits" we are expected to play, but we mess around with them to keep it fresh for us to play. We keep it fresh... Believe me, it's very umportant. It was Doug Aldrich [guitar] who pressured me to play "Burn"... otherwise, it's unlikely I would have ever thought of it. Once the band started playing it at rehearsal, it was impossible for me to resist. They play it great. But I must say that having new songs from "Good To Be Bad" to play on the recent 2008-2009 tours was been an utter delight for me after so many years of having no new material to sing, as much as I enjoy the majority of my musical history.

Q: Have you ever thought of sanctioning the inclusion of a WHITESNAKE song on Guitar Hero/Rock Band, etc.?

Coverdale: Yes. I recently approved a couple of songs, "Here I Go Again" and "Still Of The Night", for inclusion in both games. I can't remember which one, tho'... You shall have to wait and see. Sorry it took so long.

Q: Does a DEEP PURPLE reunion interest you?

Coverdale: Not really. As I have said when asked this question before, I sincerely honor and appreciate the experience and opportunity I had with DEEP PURPLE, and the incredible courage Ritchie [Blackmore], Jon [Lord], Ian [Paice] and Glenn [Hughes] had to give me the chance to prove myself when I was completely unknown and unrecorded is still astonishing to me to this day. But that was a long, long time ago, boys and girls, and really, much more important... I really like what I'm doing, and who I do it with (ahem).

Read the entire interview at Whitesnake.com.

Quality fan-filmed video footage of WHITESNAKE performing the song "Love Ain't No Stranger" at the California Mid-State Fair on July 29, 2009 in Paso Robles, California can be viewed below (courtesy of "lisapolisa").

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