WHITESNAKE's DAVID COVERDALE Blasts 'Covidiots' Who Refuse To Wear Masks: 'This Is Not Politics; This Is Health'

July 19, 2020

WHITESNAKE frontman David Coverdale spoke to Marci Wiser of the 95.5 KLOS radio station about how he is dealing with the coronavirus crisis and what the touring circuit might look like post-pandemic.

"I was hoping to be able to do my farewell tour, my gratitude tour at 69," the 68-year-old said. "What better age for the singer of WHITESNAKE to retire than 69? I'm already designing the t-shirts.

"As long as we have covidiots refusing to wear a mask for political reasons or freedom of expression, we're never gonna get out there.

"The only time I've seen real community in this country that's adopted me, this beautiful United States Of America, was after tragedy," the British-born rocker continued. "9/11, everybody was just nice to each other and supportive, and you really genuinely felt a sense of community. And for whatever reason, politically [or] whatever, the sense of community is being driven apart, and we have to put this jigsaw back together. Otherwise, we will fail as a species. This is an evil, evil virus that's doing the rounds.

"The very sad thing is the dialogue has been compromised for decades now politically and created such division. It's so unfair. This is not politics; this is health. And once we develop a community in this amazing country and become the beacon of democracy it's supposed to be to shine its light on the rest of the world, then we can start working on global community, global solidarity. This isn't just hitting Americans; this has hit everybody — even indigenous tribes in the Amazon, for God's sake. It's not political; it's health, darling."

"We have to find humor in it," he added. "I swear to God, there's lunatics on either side of the pond calling the shots. I don't think they can kick a ball straight, which is never good in my book.

"Making this incredible pandemic a political issue is the most ridiculous thing I can imagine. We're never gonna get out. I'm never gonna be able to do my fucking farewell tour. [Laughs]

"C'mon, wear a fucking mask, so we can go out again."

Back in late March, it was announced that all of WHITESNAKE's previously announced touring activities, including this summer's U.S. trek with SAMMY HAGAR & THE CIRCLE and NIGHT RANGER, were being canceled so that Coverdale could undergo surgery for bilateral inguinal hernia.

Coverdale had both his knees replaced with titanium in 2017 after suffering from degenerative arthritis. He later explained that he was in so much pain with arthritis in his knees that it hampered his ability to perform live.

WHITESNAKE had been touring in support of its latest album, "Flesh & Blood", which was released in May 2019 via Frontiers Music Srl.

WHITESNAKE has just launched the "Red, White And Blues" trilogy, a series of fresh, new collections organized by musical themes that will include "Love Songs" (red),"The Rock Album" (white) and "The Blues Album" (blue).

"The Rock Album" was made available on June 19 on CD ($14.98),and as a double-LP set pressed on 180-gram, white vinyl ($31.98). The music is also available through digital and streaming services. The collection features the debut of "Always The Same", a previously unreleased song that was recorded during the 2019 sessions for "Flesh & Blood".

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