WOLFMOTHER Drummer Says Their '70s Rock Sound Is 'Not Intentional'

July 23, 2006

Popworld.com recently conducted an interview with drummer Myles Heskett of the Australian trio WOLFMOTHER. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

Popworld.com: Have you always had the sound you have now?

Myles: "No. It's really funny 'cos everyone always compares us to LED ZEPPELIN and BLACK SABBATH and all the '70s bands but when we met we were into BEASTIE BOYS and BECK. None of us really had one instrument we could play so we'd just swap around and have these really crazy funk jams. We've got all these computer hard drives full of these weird funk, electro things. But when we went to play live we thought we'll play rock because it's exciting and powerful.'

Popworld.com: Your sound is very '70s rock. Is that intentional?

Myles: "It's not really intentional, it's more like when you go into a room with three dudes and you try to come up with something that feels right and sounds right. It's like you can either drive a brand new car that's just been made in a factory or you can drive a cool old car from the '70's, and we'd rather drive a cool old car from the '70s. We even buy old drum kits and old amps that have that old sound."

Popworld.com: Last band that tried to recreate a classic sound was THE DARKNESS. What do you think of them?

Myles: "I think it's totally cool. It kind of is a joke but I think they're totally aware of that. It's flamboyant, it's exciting. I mean it's not really the style of music I would sit down and listen to but I think they're fun."

Read the entire interview at Popworld.com.

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