Burn Again

rating icon 8 / 10

Track listing:

01. Hot Tonight
02. No Color
03. Black is Beautiful
04. Peace of Ass
05. Fuck Like a Priest
06. Electric Penis
07. Old Fast and Hard
08. Fucked in the Face (Again)
09. Baby Blood
10. Built For Sin
11. Hurry Up and Bleed
12. None For You
13. Fuck You Twice
14. Burn Again
15. Black Skulls
16. Good Head
17. Aim Low

Chicago's SUPERCHRIST is one those great America bands about which some of you may not be aware, but damn well should. Every album in the catalogue is first rate, frill-free heavy metal rock 'n roll that takes the best of Bronze-era MOTÖRHEAD, a little punk rock in the directness, and then fuels the engine with a sky-high level of energy. But nowhere is that combination of six-string firepower and catchy, clever choruses better represented than on "Burn Again", otherwise known as a scorching live album! If you want a good place to start the SUPERCHRIST journey, then this is it.

From the moment vocalist/bassist Chris Black (DAWNBRINGER, HIGH SPIRITS) shouts "I guess there was nothin' else going on tonight, huh?" and proceeds to bring the house down from the first notes of "Hot Tonight" until the final notes of "Aim Low" and Black closes with a Lemmy-esque "Fuck off!" the experience is one of complete satisfaction. The 17-track set is plastered with crowd favorites and three new cuts, including the fantastic "Fucked in the Face (Again)". In each case you can rest assured that you'll be kicked in the teeth (again) in a way that is unforgettably SUPERCHRIST. The band's ability to maintain a high degree of momentum from start to finish is a rarity in this world of cut-and-paste live experiences is refreshing as hell, rivaled only by the tight delivery, Sanford Parker's excellent mix, and anthem after anthem of head banging glory. The solos electrify, the memorable lines and choruses abound, and the rock rolls like a freight train on every single track.

"Burn Again" is right up in your face, so close that you can smell the Pabst Blue Ribbon and Pall Malls. You'll feel as though you're at the gig, dripping sweat and slamming cheap beers, as SUPERCHRIST tears through songs like the family fare of "Fuck Like a Priest" and sends the volts racing with the hair-raising riffage of "Old Fast and Hard". As far as live albums go, "Burn Again" rises to the level of the bee's knees. You will be unable to stop this album once you start it; that's a guarantee.

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