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CELTIC FROST Mainman Pays Tribute To Late EXODUS Frontman

CELTIC FROST/APOLLYON SUN mainman Tom Fischer (aka Tom Warrior) has issued the following statement as a tribute to the late EXODUS frontman Paul Baloff, who recently passed away after suffering a massive stroke: I knew Paul in person, he made it a point to come to visit us at our hotel in Oakland wh...
February 25, 2002

DEFTONES US Sales (According To Soundscan)

As reported by, here are the sales figures in the US for DEFTONES' three full-length releases to date, according to Soundscan: White Pony: 981,667 Around the Fur: 763,480 Adrenaline: 771,480 ...
January 25, 2002

LYNCH/PILSON Project: "Exceeding Expectations"

Former DOKKEN bassist Jeff Pilson and guitarist George Lynch will be getting back together in a week or so to begin finishing up the songwriting sessions for the debut CD from their as-yet-unnamed new band. According to Pilson, we hope to be done with everything by March and, depending on the record...
January 4, 2002

DEFTONES Soundscans On The Rise!

As reported by, DEFTONES have shifted the following number of units in the US of their three full-length releases to date (according to Soundscan): White Pony: 968,960 Around the Fur: 756,387 Adrenaline: 765,542 ...
December 24, 2001

Inches From the Mainline

The first signing to Sharon Osbourne's Divine Records label, SLAVES ON DOPE are a generic, tuneless exercise in by-the-numbers pimprock that never manage to establish a sound of their own, coming across instead like a second-rate variation of all the trendy sounds that are popular on the L.A. rock s...
December 17, 2001

Our Time with You

Much like labelmates PRIMER 55, Chicago's RELATIVE ASH are a second-rate act who were snapped up in an attempt to capitalize on the current popularity of the so-called "pimprock" / rapcore movement, and their full-length debut is a generic, derivative affair that brings to mind early DEFTONES (circa...
December 17, 2001

Archive News Dec 06, 2001

The “MAJOR announcement” regarding the band's guitarist search that LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst had promised to make via his appearance by phone on yesterday's Total Request Live had turned out to be not much of an announcement at all. Besides plugging the group's new remix album, entitled New...
December 6, 2001

Archive News Nov 02, 2001

As exclusively reported here on October 5th, and subsequently denied (falsely) by none other than Mayorga himself (see news for October 9th, 2001),SOULFLY have enlisted former skinsman Roy Mayorga to replace the recently-departed Joe Nunez. The newly revamped group are currently at Phoenix, Ariz...
November 2, 2001

Archive News Oct 15, 2001 - update 1

Former TESTAMENT/DEATH/OBITUARY guitarist James Murphy is presently recovering at his parents' home in Lakeland, Florida after undergoing surgery on September 17th to remove a pituitary tumor the size of two golf balls from his head, with which he was diagnosed in early September. In a lengthy tele...
October 15, 2001

Archive News Oct 12, 2001

Former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted has sensationally announced that he would happily work with METALLICA again in the future, despite walking out on the group earlier this year. Newsted cited 'private and personal reasons, and the physical damage I have done to myself over the years while playi...
October 12, 2001

Archive News Oct 05, 2001

SOULFLY have replaced drummer Joe Nunez with returning skinsman Roy Mayorga, BLABBERMOUTH.NET can exclusively reveal. As first reported here three days ago, Nunez left, or was fired from (depending on whom you talk to),SOULFLY after insisting on re-negotiating his financial arrangement with the gr...
October 5, 2001

Archive News Jul 31, 2001

METALLICA guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield spoke out for the first time about his ongoing battle with alcoholism and “other addictions” via a statement posted on the METALLICA Club web site. James' short message reads as follows: “It took a lot for me to admit to my problems, and it's a great feel...
July 31, 2001

Archive News Jul 24, 2001

SEPULTURA have issued an official statement regarding the article that appeared in this week's issue of the Brazilian magazine Veja, in which the story's author, Sergio Martins, all but dismissed the group as a band on its 'last legs' following SEPULTURA's recent split with longtime label Roadrunn...
July 24, 2001

Archive News Jun 19, 2001

The official JUDAS PRIEST web site has posted a bunch of photos online that were taken at the group's concert in London, UK on Friday, June 15th. You can check them out here. SLIPKNOT are tentatively scheduled to release a DVD through Roadrunner in November of this year. According to the label's off...
June 19, 2001

Archive News Jun 05, 2001

NOTHINGFACE bassist Bill Gaal has spoken out about the reasons for his return to the band following the departure of ex-THE DEADLIGHTS four-stringer Jerry Montano, who was recently asked to leave the group and has since returned to his native California to form a new project. According to Gaal, 'the...
June 5, 2001