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MÖTLEY CRÜE's 'Story': MuchMoreMusic Special Posted Online

"The Story of Mötley Crüe", which premiered on June 24 on Canada's MuchMoreMusic, can be viewed in five parts below. MuchMoreMusic's award-winning series "The Story of..." showcases the highs — and sometimes lows — of the careers of music's legends AND legends to be. Utilizing the Much/MuchMore vid...
July 19, 2008

MTLEY CRE's 'Story' To Air On MuchMoreMusic

Canada's MuchMoreMusic will air "The Story Of Mtley Cre" on Tuesday, June 24 at 9:00 p.m. and midnight EST (the morning of June 25). The show's description reads as follows: "They've courted controversy for close to 3 decades and now the world's most notorious rock band is back for another round. Th...
June 19, 2008

Crowned Infernal

When I reviewed SATHANAS' "Entering the Diabolic Trinity" for this site I emphasized the no-nonsense, in your face approach to its fierce brand of stripped down blackened thrash. SATHANAS is indeed a band that takes cues from the old school, mainly because they were part of the old school (the "Ripp...
January 15, 2008

MARILYN MANSON's Biography To Receive Long-Overdue Swedish Release

Marilyn Manson's biography "Long Road out of Hell" will finally receive a Swedish release. The book will be published by Sweden's BTM Books and will be in in stores all across the country on June 28. "Despite that the book is almost eight years old, it's a valid reflection over his life and why he's...
June 27, 2007

GENE SIMMONS To Receive Face Lift On 'Family Jewels'

Gary Strauss of USA Today reports: Gene Simmons [photo] and longtime companion Shannon Tweed were hoping to make the second season of A&E's half-hour reality series "Gene Simmons Family Jewels", premiering March 25 (9 p.m. ET/PT),less intrusive for themselves and their two teenagers. So why did...
March 2, 2007

MÖTLEY CRÜE's 'The Dirt' Movie In Pre-Production With Director LARRY CHARLES

MovieWeb reports: According to Production Weekly, Larry Charles ("Borat") is in pre-production on his next film "The Dirt", a MÖTLEY CRÜE biopic based on the rockers' 2001 book "The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band". Rich Wilkes adapted the book written by bandmates Nikki Si...
September 15, 2006

DAVE NAVARRO's 'Amazing Lesson In Humility'

THE PANIC CHANNEL guitarist Dave Navarro (ex-JANE'S ADDICTION) has posted the following message on his official web site following a weekend trip to Las Vegas: "The best part of my trip, the most enlightening part, was the flight home. I was seated next to an elderly woman who asked me about my tatt...
September 4, 2006

DAVE NAVARRO Turns Real-Life Drama Into 'The Product'

Katy Kroll of reports that THE PANIC CHANNEL/ex-JANE'S ADDICTION guitarist Dave Navarro has co-created a new TV series that goes behind the scenes to show what it's really like playing in a well-known rock band. Dubbed "The Product", the one-hour drama was recently picked up by FX. It...
August 31, 2006

GOREFEST: European Festival Report

Guitarist Frank Harthoorn of the reunited Dutch metallers GOREFEST has posted the following message on the band's official web site: "We'd been asked to fill in for DEICIDE on the Nummirock festival in Finland two weeks ago, an invite we gladly accepted since we'd never been there before. Nummirock...
July 6, 2006

Author NEIL STRAUSS: 'I Don't Know If SLIPKNOT Stand For Something Bigger Than What They Are'

The new issue of the Swedish magazine Close-Up features an interview with the writer and author Neil Strauss who co-wrote several tell-all rock autobiographies including MÖTLEY CRÜE's "The Dirt" and MARILYN MANSON's "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell". An excerpt from the chat follows: Close-Up: How im...
June 14, 2006

DEF LEPPARD Frontman: 'The Emphasis Has Always Been On The Music'

Chris Strauss of People magazine recently conducted a short interview with DEF LEPPARD frontman Joe Elliott. An excerpt follows: People: A recent Entertainment Weekly feature shows a picture of you guys from 1984 in matching Union Jack tank tops and short shorts. Do you look back at photos like that...
June 1, 2006

Two New MÖTLEY CRÜE Books Released For Rock Lovers

Publisher Chronological Crue has announced the release of two brand-new MÖTLEY CRÜE books, titled "Mötley Crüe Down Under: On Tour with The Carnival of Sins" and "What Mötley Crüe Means to Me: Crüeheads Share Their Stories". Now available from CafePress (web site),the paperbacks give rock music lov...
April 11, 2006

Entering the Diabolic Trinity

Long-running underground U.S. black metal act SATHANAS drop their fifth album courtesy of Singapore's Pulverised Records (pay attention to this label). Blackened thrash is more like it, with an emphasis on the thrash part. The secret to "Entering the Diabolic Trinity" is in its non-nonsense, in-your...
March 6, 2006

Author Claims Some Music Styles Can Negatively Affect Youth

Mary Rettig of AgapePress has issued the following report: An author and political science professor says the debate over violent and obscene lyrics to music and their effects on children is a distraction from a far more important issue — the power of the music itself. Carson Holloway, who teaches p...
May 5, 2005

Review: MÖTLEY CRÜE Concert Was 'The Most Decadent Rock Show' Ever

Jeri Rowe of has issued the following report: Let's call her Katie. She was standing near me last week at MÖTLEY CRÜE's show at the Greensboro Coliseum when drummer Tommy Lee aimed his video camera toward the delirious crowd and asked women to show their essentials. Well, quicker than yo...
April 29, 2005