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Under The Sign Of Rebellion

Barely a week goes by these days without a few brand new death metal bands emerging from the underground swamps. Never underestimate the staying power of true originals, however. Brazilian diehards REBAELLIUN formed 25 years ago and made some telling contributions to death metal's late-'90s resurgen...
September 20, 2023

VENOM INC. Recruits Former VENOM Guitarist MIKE HICKEY For U.S. Tour

Guitarist Mike Hickey, known for his work with VENOM, CARCASS, CATHEDRAL and CRONOS, will join VENOM INC. on the band's upcoming U.S. tour. The trek, with support from SATAN, RINGWORM and 72 LEGIONS, will kick off on September 27 in New York and conclude on October 15 in Boston, Massachusetts. Hicke...
September 7, 2023


It is always great to see killer new bands receive swift and decisive recognition, but even a band as singular as KVELERTAK must have spent some of the last decade under considerable pressure to deliver. The departure of talismanic frontman Erlend Hjelvik in 2018 could easily have foretold a slow de...
September 7, 2023

As Gomorrah Burns

35 years is a long time, even in death metal, and CRYPTOPSY have lived a few lives during that time. At first, with drummer Flo Mounier as their not-so-secret weapon, they appeared to be the last word in brutality. 1996's "None So Vile" is still a benchmark for nauseating heaviness, regardless of ho...
September 5, 2023

Original VENOM Guitarist JEFF 'MANTAS' DUNN To Stay Off The Road After Wife's Cancer Diagnosis

Original VENOM and current VENOM INC. guitarist Jeff "Mantas" Dunn has revealed that his wife has been diagnosed with cancer. The 62-year-old British-born musician, who currently resides with his wife in Portugal, broke the news of her diagnosis in a social media post earlier today (Sunday, August 2...
August 27, 2023


During a recent appearance on AXS TV's "Power Hour", Dee Snider once again recalled how Celine Dion ended up covering a Christmas song composed by the TWISTED SISTER frontman as a private gift for his wife. Dion reportedly heard "God Bless Us Everyone" from producer Ric Wake, who was one of the orig...
August 25, 2023

STRYPER Frontman Says It's 'Odd That Many Metalheads Have A Problem With Jesus Yet Have Absolutely No Problem With The Devil'

Michael Sweet of openly Christian rockers STRYPER says that he finds it "odd that many metalheads have a problem with Jesus yet have absolutely no problem with the devil". The 60-year-old musician, whose band threw Bibles into the audience and placed a Bible verse on STRYPER's posters (Isaiah 53:5),...
August 22, 2023

HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST's TOM GABRIEL FISCHER: 'Tape Trading Was One Of The Main Reasons That I'm Even Here Today'

In a new interview with Bloodstock TV's Oran O'Beirne, former HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST and current TRIPTYKON singer, guitarist and main songwriter Tom Gabriel Fischer (a.k.a. Tom Gabriel Warrior) was asked if he feels the mystery and romanticism associated with discovering new music and especially un...
August 16, 2023

TED NUGENT: 'We Need To Stand Up To' People Who Celebrate Satan 'In Glaring Imagery'

During a recent edition of "The Nightly Nuge", a news-style clip in which Ted Nugent offers his take on the news of our world every night, the outspoken conservative rocker defended Jason Aldean over criticism following the release of the music video for the country singer's controversial song "Try...
July 25, 2023

TED NUGENT Defends JASON ALDEAN's 'Small Town' Song, Says Critics Are 'Idiots': 'They've Got No Soul'

Ted Nugent has defended Jason Aldean over the country singer's controversial new song "Try That In A Small Town" which has generated headlines for its lyrical content as well as accompanying video. The clip features footage of protests and robberies projected onto a courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee...
July 24, 2023

DEICIDE Announces New Album 'Banished By Sin'

Florida death metal veterans DEICIDE have announced a new partnership with Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM) for their upcoming, 13th full-length album, "Banished By Sin". The influential band has finished recording the LP and is in the process of adding the final touches to the new slab of brutality, wi...
July 18, 2023

Position | Momentum

If 2020's "The Eye Is The First Circle" was a concise act of scabby-lipped catharsis, "Position | Momentum" is what happens when the waves of vitriol never stop. CALLIGRAM continue to make some of the most vicious, black metal-adjacent music around, and when "Sul Dolore" erupts, it's instantly appar...
July 14, 2023

DAVID ELLEFSON Sets Record Straight: LEE RAUCH 'Never Did Any Studio Recordings With' MEGADETH

Former MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson has paid tribute to the band's former drummer Lee Rauch, who passed away on Friday, June 23. No cause of death has been revealed. He was reportedly 58 years old. Earlier today (Wednesday, June 28),Ellefson took to social media to share several photos of Rauch...
June 28, 2023


MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine has paid tribute to the band's former drummer Lee Rauch, who passed away on Friday, June 23. No cause of death has been revealed. He was reportedly 58 years old. Earlier today (Tuesday, June 27),Mustaine took to social media to share an early photo of Rauch behind his drum...
June 27, 2023

Former MEGADETH Drummer LEE RAUCH Dies

Former MEGADETH drummer Lee Rauch passed away on Friday, June 23. No cause of death has been revealed. He was reportedly 58 years old. Lee's passing was announced by his brother Chris Rauch in a social media post on Friday. He wrote: "Today is a very sad day, we lost my brother William Lee Rauch. "L...
June 25, 2023