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Former SKID ROW Frontman To Embark On Year-Long "Jesus Christ Superstar" Tour

Former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach, late of Jekyll & Hyde and The Rocky Horror Show on Broadway, has signed to fill sandals of the Messiah in the new national tour of Jesus Christ Superstar that borrows elements from the recent Broadway staging and launches on November 1st in California. A...
August 19, 2002


The following is a statement from SEVENDUST guitar player John Connolly regarding the passing of DROWNING POOL frontman Dave Williams. The friendship between SEVENDUST and DROWNING POOL goes back over three years when the bands toured together. John Connolly was the closest in the band to Dave. "Thi...
August 15, 2002

THE LAST HARD MEN Enter Japanese Album Charts

The debut CD from Sebastian Bach's THE LAST HARD MEN — the former SKID ROW frontman's 1995 collaboration with Jimmy Chamberlin (drums, ex-SMASHING PUMPKINS),Kelley Deal (bass, ex-BREEDERS),and Jimmy Flemion (guitar, THE FROGS) — reportedly entered the Japanese Top 50 Album chart at position #22. ....
August 10, 2002

SINERGY Frontwoman To Write Monthly Column For Japan's BURRN!

SINERGY frontwoman Kimberly Goss has been asked by Japan's leading hard rock/ heavy metal publication Burrn! to start writing her own monthly column for the magazine. She will join Sebastian Bach, Paul Gilbert and Marty Friedman as the only four international artists to have their own monthly column...
July 26, 2002

SEBASTIAN BACH: "I Did Not Plead Guilty To Anything"

Contrary to previous reports that former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach had pleaded guilty to marijuana possession earlier this week, Bach's attorney Frank DeSevo released the following statement today: "Sebastian pled guilty to nothing and was found guilty of nothing. He applied for a conditional...
July 25, 2002

SEBASTIAN BACH Pleads Guilty To Marijuana Possession Charge

Despite Sebastian Bach's declaration after his arrest in March that "the truth will become known," the former SKID ROW singer pleaded guilty to a charge of marijuana possession at his hearing in Middletown, New Jersey on Monday, according to His other charges of disorderly conduct, simple a...
July 24, 2002

Former ANTHRAX Guitarist Lines Up New Hampshire Appearance

Former ANTHRAX and current SEBASTIAN BACH guitarist Paul Crook will be appearing at Daddy's Junky Music in Manchester, New Hampshire on Tuesday, July 9th. For more information, click here. ...
July 3, 2002

Former ANTHRAX Guitarist Lines Up New Jersey Gig

GOTHAM, led by guitarist Paul Crook (i.e. SEBASTIAN BACH & FRIENDS, ex-ANTHRAX),will be appearing at the Seagull in Hazlet, New Jersey tonight, July 1st. Also appearing on the bill will be THE ZOO, THE MONSTER, DE SOUL, BIG BANG BABY, VELVET JONES, and MARYSUE PROVEAUX. ...
July 1, 2002

VISION OF DISORDER's DRAG: More Details Revealed

More information has surfaced about the recently-recorded debut demo from DRAG, the new band featuring VISION OF DISORDER guitarist Matt Baumbach and vocalist Tim Williams. The tape, which was recorded and mixed by current SEBASTIAN BACH/former ANTHRAX guitarist Paul Crook and ex-NUCLEAR ASSAULT bas...
June 28, 2002

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's "Attack": More Details Revealed

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN has written around 19 songs for his forthcoming album, entitled Attack, which is currently being produced by MALMSTEEN and engineered by Tom Fletcher in Miami, Florida. However, only 14 tracks are expected to make the final CD, which is unlikely to surface before September. Says YNG...
June 25, 2002

STRATOVARIUS Begin Tracking Vocals, Announce Upcoming Tour

STRATOVARIUS frontman Timo Kotipelto has commenced the vocal-tracking process for the group's brand new CD, entitled Elements Part I. "I have to say that it's good to be behind the microphone again," Timo wrote on his official web site. "The last months I've been mostly giving interviews for my solo...
June 25, 2002


Former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach was recently interviewed by about his recent hosting stint on The Learning Channel's The New Sideshow and his much-publicized legal troubles. To read the story, click here. ...
June 12, 2002

Former MEGADETH Members To Reunite In New Project

Former MEGADETH and current SAVATAGE guitarist Al Pitrelli recently spoke to The Pure Rock Shop about Dave Mustaine's decision to disband MEGADETH and the Pitrelli's current and upcoming activities. Here are a few select highlights from that conversation: On whether Mustaine will be able to return t...
June 11, 2002

Former SKID ROW Frontman To Host "The New Sideshow"

Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach will be hosting the TV special The New Sideshow on TLC (The Learning Channel). According to Bach, "you will be SHOCKED & AMAZED at the STUNNING & INCREDIBLE acts of such schock-meisters as the Brothers Grim Sideshow, Carnival Diablo, Lucifire, Jim Rose,...
June 4, 2002

ANTHRAX's SCOTT IAN: New Album Is Sonically Crushing!

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has posted the following update via about the group's upcoming album, We've Come For You All, and the recently-resurrected Rock Show on VH1, which Ian had previously regularly hosted: "Scrap 60 [Productions] started mixing the [new] record. They sta...
June 3, 2002