ALICE IN CHAINS Frontman WILLIAM DUVALL Offers Update On Two Documentaries He Is Producing

July 11, 2016

ALICE IN CHAINS vocalist William DuVall has offered an update on the two separate documentaries that he has been producing and directing for the last few years. Regarding the first one, called "All Alone Together: Neon Christ And Atlanta Hardcore", about Atlanta's hardcore punk scene, which DuVall was a part of back when it first started, he told Kansas City's rock radio station 98.9 The Rock (hear audio below): "We're still working on it. It's one of those things where, when a movie's being made by a committee, you're trying weigh in a lot of different people's feelings and emotions. That's one thing. And then also, obviously, funding a documentary is no joke. But, yeah, we're still doing it for sure. And it's definitely gonna happen. We've had a couple of personnel changes on the team, but it's all for the good."

Duvall, who broke out on the Atlanta scene in the '80s with his band NEON CHRIST, previously said that "All Alone Together: Neon Christ And Atlanta Hardcore" would focus on "the really underground, the basement-show kind of punks, the people who keep it grass roots even today. What are their struggles now, with the Internet and with punk having been assimilated into the mass culture and all of that."

The second film is a look at the of jazz musician Milford Graves, whom DuVall previously described as "one of the greatest musicians ever." He told 98.9 The Rock about the documentary's status: "Same kind of thing. It's mostly just a matter of… I've self-funded that film for all of these years, and I've just been waiting for the ending. And the ending, I think I may have figured it out. But it involves going over and shooting in Europe and things like that. So we're gonna get that done. And then we're gonna edit it [laughs], and that's the big mountain to climb."

In a 2014 interview, DuVall told TeamRock about Graves: "What really makes him interesting even beyond that is his scientific work. The guy is doing this amazing cutting-edge cardiac research. It's as exciting and potentially game-changing as any research that you can ever hear about going on in that field."

ALICE IN CHAINS opened the first five shows on GUNS' North American summer stadium run, which began on June 23 at Ford Field in Detroit. ALICE IN CHAINS also opened for GUNS N' ROSES twice when they kicked off their reunion tour in Las Vegas in April. ALICE IN CHAINS has sin ce begun its own headlining jaunt, with dates booked into the fall.

DuVall said in a different interview last month that it was "too early" for the band to talk about new music, adding that he expecting those discussions to begin in the fall.

ALICE IN CHAINS' last studio effort, "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here", came out in 2013 and featured the rock hits "Hollow", "Stone" and "Voices".

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