AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE: Second-Guessing Creative Instincts

July 12, 2003

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE have apparently encountered some resistance from their record company, American Recordings, with regards to their plans to head back into the studio to record their next studio album.

According to a posting on the band's official web site by bassist Chad Hanks, AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE have thus far "written, recorded, re-written, re-recorded, re-arranged, and re-re-recorded" 24 tracks. "Oh, joy... I just found out minutes ago 'they' want us to record them, again...maybe dinner and a movie first?..." he writes. "It's an awful feeling when you're pushed to second guess your creative instincts because the machine doesn't seem to hear that great radio single. From what I remember, they signed a band called AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE... Hell, we didn't even write 'Just So You Know' until after we moved to L.A. last time, and that song just happened to lend itself to the 'single' category, naturally, without, someday we'll record another for me? I'm stuck in the southernmost part of Iowa at my fiancee's parents house with no legal vehicle and an ongoing dialogue with our record company regarding our supposedly unripened songs and our amazing inability to leave the Midwest..."

The as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2001's "The War Of Art" will include some of the following cuts recently demoed for the album:

01. All Too Comfortable
02. 17
03. Run Away From Me
04. Only Way Out
05. Leave Me Alone
06. Gone Wrong
07. Taking The Cure
08. Dirty
09. One Fear
10. March
11. Average Everyday Atrocity
12. Cowards
13. Smiles And Pretenses
14. Pledge Allegiance
15. Taken For Granted
16. Real Life
17. It's Better
18. The Point Of Getting Nowhere
19. Tell Us All About It
20. In Our Time Of Need, She Calls To Us All
21. Forget To Remember
22. Loyalty
23. Sbs
24. It's A Set Up

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