AMON AMARTH Members 'Always Get Along': 'There's Really Nothing That We Argue About', Says OLAVI MIKKONEN

August 8, 2022

In a new interview with Jorge Botas of Portugal's "Metal Global", guitarist Olavi Mikkonen of Swedish death metallers AMON AMARTH spoke about the interpersonal relationships within the band, especially considering the fact that the group has been in existence for three decades. "I think touring is really easy," he said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). "We don't really hang out when we're home — for obvious reasons. We all live in different places but also we all have families and other stuff going on. But when we work together, we work really well together. We all have the same goals; we all work at the same direction. We don't any dramas or anything; it's all good. And there's no problem sharing buses or all that. We always get along. And also on days off on tour, we always have dinner together. And I know a lot of bands that they do not see each other on days off. But we always do stuff together, so it's all good."

He continued: "We have a good vibe in this camp. And we don't really have any reasons to be angry at each other…. It is what it is. And in our camp, it's a good vibe. And like I said, there's really nothing that we argue about 'cause we don't have any issues. And whatever issues we had in the past, we kind of got rid of the issues."

AMON AMARTH has just released its twelfth studio album, "The Great Heathen Army", via Metal Blade Records. The LP was recorded with acclaimed British producer Andy Sneap, who previously worked with the band on 2013's "Deceiver Of The Gods" and 2016's "Jomsviking" albums.

This past February, AMON AMARTH released a standalone single, "Put Your Back Into The Oar", an ode to the epic Viking row. The track was recorded and mixed in January 2021 at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden with producer Jens Bogren and was made available via the band's own label Victorious Music.

The "Put Your Back Into The Oar" video was shot in England over three days in October 2021. The atmospheric, cinematic clip was produced by Twin V and directed by Ryan MackFall at Crashburn Media.

AMON AMARTH will team up with MACHINE HEAD for the "Vikings And Lionhearts" co-headlining European arena tour in September and October. A North American tour with CARCASS, OBITUARY and CATTLE DECAPITATION will follow in November and December.

AMON AMARTH stands tall and unassailable: 30 years into a career that has seen them evolve from humble origins in the dark, dank rehearsal rooms of their native Tumba to their current status as explosive festival headliners and one of the metal world's most widely adored bands.

Formed in 1992, AMON AMARTH became modern metal greats the hard way. Ruthlessly dedicated to creating new music and taking it out on the road, the Swedes steadily built a formidable reputation as a ferocious live band and, as the years passed, were increasingly recognized for their recorded achievements too. Since the dawn of the millennium, AMON AMARTH has been unstoppable.

Breakthrough releases like 2006's "With Oden On Our Side" and its now-legendary follow-up, 2008's "Twilight Of The Thunder God" further cemented their popularity throughout the metal world, while the band's stage show evolved with each successive tour, transforming into one of modern metal's truly great spectacles. "Berserker" brought with it an epic, history-making trek across North America with fellow Swedes ARCH ENEMY, AT THE GATES and GRAND MAGUS and saw multiple sell-outs.

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