May 1, 2020

ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante has revealed to Revolver's "The Last Show" that the last concert he attended as a fan before the coronavirus outbreak was TOOL's November 2019 performance in his hometown of Chicago. "It was with my girlfriend, Carla [Harvey, BUTCHER BABIES singer], and my daughter Mia came, and we met some friends there," he said (see video below). "And I fucking enjoyed it. I thought they were awesome."

He continued: "That band, to me, is like the new RUSH. Not that TOOL is new or anything, but when I think back to RUSH and the songs and just the musicianship and the just the vibe that they had, I feel like TOOL have that now. And I just love them. They played songs that I wanted to hear, and I just fucking enjoyed it. I didn't know that was gonna be the last show that I would see for the year, or however long this is gonna be. But, yeah, that was it. So TOOL was my last show [before the pendemic], and hopefully it won't be my last show."

Benante has been using his coronavirus downtime to connect virtually with other metal musicians and share videos of them covering various rock and metal classics, including those by RUSH and Tom Petty.

ANTHRAX has spent most of the last four years touring in support of its latest album, "For All Kings", which was released in February 2016. A follow-up effort is expected in 2021.

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