Archive News Nov 13, 2001

November 13, 2001

STUCK MOJO will be supported by 420 MONKS, the band led by MOJO frontman Bonz, at the former group's upcoming reunion gig at The Cotton Club in Atlanta, Georgia on New Year's Eve. In related news, SICK SPEED, the post-MOJO band of guitarist Rich Ward and drummer Bud Fontsere, will play their first gigs with new members Keith Watson (bass/vocals formerly of Charlotte, North Carolina's OBEY BIZAR) and Billy Grey (guitars/vocals formerly of METHOD 51) on Friday, November 30th at Dark Horse and the following night (Saturday, December 1st) at Smith's Olde Bar, both in Atlanta, Georgia. As a result of the recent line-up changes, the release of SICK SPEED's much-anticipated digipak has been delayed by a couple months, so that the group can add two new tracks—'Getting Closer' and 'Yesterday'—both recorded with the new line-up, to the final package. In addition to these changes, the European version of the CD, which is due through DK Records on January 22nd, will now be entitled The Way I Am, while the Asian digipak, is going to be issued under the title Evolution. In other related news, FOZZY, the group that features in its ranks SICK SPEED's Ward and Fontsere (alongside WWF wrestler Chris Jericho),have also parted ways with Dan Dryden (aka Shawn 'Sports' Popp) following his split from the SPEED fold. Here is a rather tongue-in-cheek press release on the matter, as issued by the FOZZY camp:


The members of FOZZY are shocked to announce the departure of bassist Shawn 'Sports' Popp, effective immediately.


Sports didn't leave the band due to the cliche'd excuse of 'musical differences and tastes', rather he left the band due to 'different tastes in musicals.'


According to the most charismatic frontman of all time, Moongoose Mcqueen, the band's obsession with Broadway led to Sports' departure.


'TheDuke and KK are huge fans of such new hits as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Jekyll And Hyde starring David Hasselhoff. The Kidd and myself enjoy The King And I, South Pacific and West Side know, the classics. Of course Lord Edgar Bayden Powell is a huge fan of Andrew Lloyd Weber's work. But Sports was completely into such crap as Rent and The Lion King...I mean how heavy metal is that? His love of rotten musical plays really drove a wedge between himself and the band.'


'After 20 years plus and after all we've been through, the decision to let him go was....was...wasn't all that hard at all. We fired his ass and ate Fig Newtons and drank diet Surge until we damn near puked!'


According to Popp, the sanitary four stringer wasn't fired, but gave up his long time gig in FOZZY for an even bigger opportunity.


'No matter what McQueen says, Rent is an asexually erotic dipiction of young males ghetto dancing. I'll love it forever.


'But more importantly as most of you know, I've got the inside track in becoming the new bass player in METALLICA. After sending dozens of tapes to Lars and James, they finally responded with a letter addressed to 'Dear Bass Player'. It seemed to be some sort of coded invitation, a letter of acceptance disguised as a rejection letter from the band to me, welcoming me into the band.


'Thanks to that letter, I now have Lars' office address and a one way bus ticket to San Jose. I expect to be hired immediately!'


Auditions are currently under way to find FOZZY's new bass player. Rumors that Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee and Matthias Van Shankleby have tried out and have been turned down are true.

NEVERMORE's record company, Century Media Records, have refuted assertions by the group that the label's press release from last week announcing the band's cancellation of their participation in the upcoming OVERKILL/SCAR CULTURE east coast mini-tour in late November had anything to do with an attempt by the company to apply pressure on the act to re-sign the label prior to the recording of the band's last CD for CM under their current contract. Here is Century Media's official press release on the matter:


“There seems to have been some confusion regarding the press release issued last week by Century Media's publicity department about the OVERKILL/NEVERMORE/SCAR CULTURE tour. NEVERMORE and the label were in favor of doing the initial proposed dates but due to the recent current touring climate and some promoter skepticism, OVERKILL has decided against doing the 10 date tour in favor of only two shows at L'Amour in Brooklyn, New York on 11/23 and Jaxx in Springfield, Virginia on 11/24.


“It was only after they were informed of the cancellation in dates that their commitment to the tour was reconsidered. With the amount of recent touring NEVERMORE has been involved in, flying across the country for only two shows seemed to be against the band's best interest. Any recent contractual renegotiations had simply nothing to do with the situation.


SCAR CULTURE and OVERKILL will still play the two shows. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused”.

Los Angeles' MEDICATION, featuring former MACHINE HEAD / SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader, ex-UGLY KID JOE / LIFE OF AGONY vocalist Whitfield Crane, ex-ADAYINTHELIFE guitarist Blunt and SOULFLY drummer Roy Mayorga, will spend one month in the recording studio, beginning on January 4th, working on their debut full-length CD for Warner Bros. Records, which is tentatively scheduled to be issued during June. The as-yet-untitled full-length album will be preceded by the release a five-song EP in February, which will coincide with the group's plans to embark on a three-month US tour, to be followed by a “major tour” in support of the full-length during the summer. It should also be noted that two of the tracks that were recently recorded for the aforementioned EP will also be included on the upcoming full-length, although it is not yet clear if they will be re-recorded for the album or if they will be used in their original Bill Kennedy-mixed form. MEDICATION is about to embark on their first-ever UK tour, which is scheduled to begin tomorrow, November 14th in Cambridge and last through the November 27th show at Jester's in Newport. Also on the bill will be KULPRIT.

German thrashers DESTRUCTION have announced the addition of 31-year-old drummer Marc Reign to the group's ranks following the departure of Sven Vormann last month. Born in Berlin, Germany, Marc had previously played in thrash/death metal acts GUNJAH and ORTH, as well as in the “alternative rock/grunge/crossover/gothic” band UPTIDE. To see pictures of Marc, as posted on DESTRUCTION's official web site, click here and here.

San Francisco Bay Area metallers SKINLAB will embark on a tour of Australia in early March. The shows will take place between March 6th and March 11th and will include an appearance at the Grounded Festival in Sydney. We will have more information on this as it becomes available.

Former ANTHRAX guitarist and born-again Christian Dan Spitz is the subject of this weeks 20 Questions over on the Metal Sludge web site, where the clearly bitter diminutive axeman throws a few barbs in the direction of his former bandmates. Among the highlights:


“Take a total album sales survey and see when [ANTHRAX] died!!! Hmmmm 1995&lt&lt&lt&lt Hmmmm&gt&gt&gt&gt Isn't that when I was done loving this thing we call music after 14 years or so in ANTHRAX? 1.4 million in sales still with me and [ANTHRAX vocalist] John Bush. Next album after me, 80,000 sales. DO THE MATH!!!!!!!”


“The whole world can see how [ANTHRAX drummer] Charlie [Benante] (the brains),(not you Scott [Ian, guitars]) has ruined a great band and as always places the blame on every record company and manager involved with the band. Without me and Joey, you guys [in ANTHRAX] have attained such success I'm in awe&lt&lt&lt&lt That's a sarcastic remark for all you real ANTHRAX fans who remember my humor. 'ANTHRAX, wasn't that a band in the ྌ's'—That's all I hear since I have returned to the USA”


ANTHRAX, stop ruining the name. Everybody is laughing at you guys. Honestly. I'm on the outside looking in (Charlie). There was only one ANTHRAX. You guys are not Dave Mustaine, haven't you figured that out yet or should someone hit you with a brick.”


[On whether or not he was responsible for convincing former vocalist Joey Belladonna not to partake in the proposed two-vocalist tour, which eventually went ahead with Bush as the sole frontman at all the gigs]

“I was there at Joey's recording studio/house and listened to what was going on. The band offered Joey less per week than they paid the guitar tech or my old roadie Paul Crook. [Joey was asking for] METALLICA money? Are you freakin' kidding. I think it was $1,000 bucks a week!!!!! Joey makes more than that collecting interest at the bank. [To say that Joey turned down the opportunity to do the proposed shows] for the fans' sake is a joke!!! An excuse by the band to cover up the truth!!! They previously (the band) made Joey drive to NY to sing on some ANTHRAX song and never repaid his GAS MONEY!!!! Nice guys!!!! Joey is one of the nicest guys I know. The band tried to take advantage of his amazing voice and name to further their almost done career. Joey is a lot smarter than the band knows. He is just too nice for the half of a band that's left to understand.”


To read the whole interview, click here.

FOO FIGHTERS drummer Taylor Hawkins is back in form and working away on the group's upcoming studio CD, as confirmed in the following statement posted on the FOO FIGHTERS' official website: 'I hope everyone is doing OK in these turbulent times,' Hawkins begins. 'As for me, I am alive and well. I was a bit ill, as I'm sure a lot of you know, but as of now I'm feeling better than I have in years. Right now we are in Virginia recording the follow up to There Is Nothing Left To Lose, and so far I'm over the top with excitement. I think this album will be my favorite because, though diverse, it seems heavier than the last record. We are more united as a band than we've ever been. I am now the leader...just kidding. Hugs and kisses, feel ups, and hand jobs to, Taylor.' As previously reported, FOO FIGHTERS' as-yet-untitled fourth full-length CD will be released in early 2002 and it will feature such cuts as “Halo”, “Knucklehead” and “All My Life”.

Former SMASHING PUMPKINS guitarist James Iha and bassist Melissa auf der Maur have formed a new band called THE VIRGINS. Comleting the group's line-up is singer/songwriter Ryan Adams and LEMONHEADS frontman Evan Dando. Plans currently exist for the band plan to record an album for Iha's Scratchie imprint label at Stratosphere Sound, a brand new recording studio in New York co-owned by Iha. A 2002 release is expected.

SKYCLAD, featuring new vocalist Kevin Ridley (who replaced Martin Walkyier earlier in the year),will now release their new single, entitled “Swords Of A Thousand Men”, through Demolition Records on December 4th. Original due to be issued in late October, the single's release was delayed “due to the logistics of trying to co-ordinate all of the arrangements” involved in the release. As previously reported, 'Swords…', which was originally recorded by TENPOLE TUDOR in 1981, was released as a bonus track on SKYCLAD's last studio album Folkemon (with Martin Walkyier on vocals),and it includes a guest appearance by TENPOLE TUDOR mainman Eddie Tenpole. Also featured on the single is a reworked version of 'The Widdershins Jig', a SKYCLAD standard that showcases the band's progression over the last few years. Both tracks are taken from the band's new album No Daylights... Nor Heeltaps, due for release later this month, which is a collection of reworked SKYCLAD favorites inspired by their successful stints of 'unplugged' shows across Europe.

Jane Schuldiner, the mother of DEATH/CONTROL DENIED frontman Chuck Schuldiner, has posted the following update on her tumor-stricken son's current condition: “Dear fans and friends, I want to tell you that Chuck has been very ill for three weeks in the hospital with pneumonia, but is now on the road to recovery and will hopefully be home soon. While it was unexpected, when a person is undergoing chemotherapy, a low immune system keeps that person vulnerable to other illnesses. That is why I have not answered Chuck's email for some time, I am there with him. I will keep [all of you] posted with how he is doing. Sincerely, Jane Schuldiner (Chuck's mom)”

BIOHAZARD guitarist Billy Graziadei has posted the following statement regarding the group's reaction to the latest plane crash in New York City, which took place yesterday morning and resulted in the deaths of 255 people: “Yo...we were on our way home from the Canadian run of dates this morning (12 hour drive) and at 9:30am we heard on the radio about the AA 587 Crash in Rockaway...this area is only 5 minutes from where we all grew up. We know 3 families on the street where the plane's an insane world that is quickly becoming more and more insane...will it ever stop? Home will never feel like home.... We were stranded outside of our 'home' while the bridges and tunnels were closed to inbound and outbound traffic to NYC...back in Brooklyn, safely but shaken, stirred and more pissed off than I was yesterday at the events that are quickly 'unfolding.... Terrorism??? My bones ache with the harsh reality of Sept.11th...time will reveal the truth.... Billy

According to the Rising Power unofficial AC/DC web site, AC/DC's upcoming live DVD, which was recorded in Munich last summer, will not include the originally intended introduction—featuring an Angus Young statue destroying buildings and cities around the world—but a new one, presumably as a result of the recent tragic events that took place in New York and Washington D.C. The DVD is presently set for release in the US on December 4th.

New York's ANOTHERDAY, featuring former DRAIN STH guitarist Flavia Canel, will be performing at the Continental in New York City on Wednesday, December 5th. Showtime is 9:00 PM.

Here's an update from AYREON mastermind Arjen Lucassen (ex-BODINE, VENGEANCE) on his forthcoming project, as stated by the man himself:


“The first singers for my new metal project have been recorded! Damian Wilson flew in from the UK for a couple of days to sing on the album and what can I say? As usual he did a great job! He did some amazing leads and some crystal clear harmonies.


“All four singers (Damian Wilson, Floor Jansen, Russell Allen and Dan Swanö) will sing on all of the songs, and each of them will play a certain character from the space films they're based on.


“Secondly I recorded Floor, the female lead singer of the gothic metal band AFTER FOREVER. It was a real pleasure to work with her. Her voice is very clear, she's very enthusiastic and she has a lot of ideas and input of her own. Her parts on the album consist of multiple harmonies layered on top of each other, all sung by Floor.


“My good friend Robert Soeterboek sang some powerful backing vocals and all the guide vocals for Russell Allen. His voice is so big that it really fattens up the choruses. Thanks, mate!


“I have also decided on the title of the album, it will be called: Space Metal. It might sound a bit obvious, but I couldn't think of a more suitable and clear name to describe the music and the lyrics!


“As I told you before, this will *not* be an AYREON album. I do have a new project name in mind, but I will only disclose it when I am 100% sure about it. So expect more news shortly!”

Former DEEP PURPLE/WHITESNAKE vocalist David Coverdale recently commented on the contributions of veteran producer Martin Birch to WHITESNAKE's early recordings and the reasons for the band's decision to use other producers for their latter-day recorded output. Here is David's statement on the matter: “Firstly, I considered Martin a friend...and a bloody marvelous 'engineer'...I feel he was very much part of the team...but...the band 'produced' the music...Martin captured the essence, but, didn't really take it any further...When Mutt Lange assumed the production duties of AC/DC, he took a great 'garage' band, with excellent songs, and helped fashion them and their musical approach into a World class band...without compromising the 'root' of who they were...In no way, shape or form would I wish to diminish, or show any disrespect, to Martin...but, that was not how it was with the early [WHITESNAKE]...I feel a producer should be able to take an artist's music further than the artist themselves could possibly imagine...Without compromising the integrity of the artist, or his music...Regardless, I would have happily worked with him for ever, but, when I got involved with Geffen in the US, they refused point-blank to endorse his continued involvement with me as my producer...As a testament to my love and respect for Martin, and in appreciation for what he'd done for me... I gave him a percentage of my future recorded work...I have the peace of mind that I have more than compensated him, financially, at least...for his contribution to my life and career...For your information...the earl WS albums I made with Martin are the least commercially successful of my career...Altho' the memories of the time I spent with him and my colleagues in those years...I maintain a fondness for that is 'priceless'...and I wouldn't change it for anything...Sadly, Martin and I lost contact, and any semblance of our relationship many years ago...In recent days, somebody posted a question about Martin...and if I had any stories about the 'late' Martin Birch...Apart from being horrified at the thought that he had passed away, I immediately made enquiries, but, as yet, I have been unable to find out if indeed we have 'lost' him...I sincerely hope that this isn't the situation.”

Swedish sludge metallers 2 TON PREDATOR will perform at The Shrine in Stockholm, Sweden on November 30th.

DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN will be taking part in this year's Gainesville Fest, which is also scheduled to feature the first live appearance of the reunited BLOODLET.



VAN HALEN bassist Michael Anthony will be in Scottsdale, AZ for the Goodguys Southwest National Car Show the weekend of November 16-18! The mighty bassist and his 1933 'Fire' roadster will also be making an appearance at the grand opening of the new Bonspeed store in Mesa on Saturday, November 17.


The grand opening of the Bonspeed store will include a parking lot show of hot rods, customs, trucks and street machines. You can be one of the first to see this new store that highlights the automotive lifestyle! Bonspeed has everything from custom wheels to clothing.


Michael has donated an autographed BB1000 Yamaha bass which will be raffled during the grand opening. Tickets cost $5 each and the proceeds will benefit a local Phoenix charity. Check dates and times below for additional information:


DATE: Saturday, November 17th

TIME: 6:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Bonspeed 'The Automotive Lifestyle Source'

ADDRESS: 7107 E. Southern Ave., Suite 105, Mesa, Arizona 85206


(The store is at the Southwest corner of Southern Ave. and Clearview Street. Approximately 1/4 mile east of Power Rd.) Special Parking for hot rods and custom cars will be available at 5:30 and through the night while space is available.


Information Phone numbers:

714.666.1999 or 1.888.661.6641 (ask for the Custom Shop)

Here is how the metal/hard rock genre has fared in the German Media Control (Top 100) charts for the week ending November 12th (as reported by Rock Hard magazine):



09. LINKIN PARK - Hybrid Theory

10. BUSH - Golden State

14. FARIN URLAUB - Endlich Urlaub

25. RAMMSTEIN - Mutter

26. H.I.M. - Deep Shadows And Brilliant...

34. INCUBUS - Mourning View

37. SUM 41 - All Killer No Filler

38. OZZY OSBOURNE - Down To Earth

42. ALIEN ANT FARM - ANThology

44. NICKELBACK - Silver Side Up

48. BÖHSE ONKELZ - 20 Jahre - Live in Frankfurt

49. GARBAGE - Beautifulgarbage

68. STAIND - Break The Cycle

77. BLINK-182 - Take Off Your Pants And Jacket

80. LIMP BIZKIT - Chocolate Starfish...

86. IN EXTREMO - Sünder ohne Zügel

100. GRAVE DIGGER - The Grave Digger

Sweden's THYRFING will be re-mixing the follow-up to last year's Urkraft CD, tentatively entitled The Fourth Outrage, during December for an April 2002 release. According to the band, “we didn't felt that the [original] mix did any justice to the supreme recording and material, so this is the only solution. We will bring you nothing but the best!” As previously reported, The Fourth Outrage was recorded at Dug-Out Studios in Uppsala with producer Daniel Bergstrand (i.e. MESHUGGAH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, DARKANE, STUCK MOJO),and it contains nine songs, the music for which is being described as “the most dark and twisted side of THYRFING ever.”


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