ASTARTE's TRISTESSA In Critical Condition, Battling Leukemia

December 31, 2013

Nicolas Maiis, the husband of Maria Kolokouri, better known as Tristessa, the vocalist of the Greek black metal band ASTARTE, has posted the following message on the group's Facebook page:

"Unfortunately, fate is hard and life even harder in our case.

"Our beloved Maria, she is in critical condition fighting minute by minute for her life a form o leukemia.

"We, her family, [are] beside her and we are trying to keep her strong.

"The people who know Maria they have knowledge of what a strong person she is and that she is a unique human being and always kind to everyone.

"As a mother, she is always at her son's side and always she is standing strong for me to support me.

"Now it is the time to stand by her side with our positive energy and say a prayers to any god we may believe or not.

"Make a true wish deep down from you hearts so Maria to feel all the good energy and to take courage from your hearts and to have the hope that is needed. A miracle said the doctor that is needed.

"I don't know from whom or what, just please pray for oneā€¦ Maria is needing all the hope of our hearts. I need that, our son needs that."

ASTARTE recently announced plans to enter the studio to record its sixth full-length album, "Blackdemonium", for a 2014 release.

The band's fifth CD, "Demonized", was released in 2007 via Avantgarde Music.

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