ATTACKER: Original Bassist Returns To The Fold

August 26, 2005

Reunited New Jersey metallers ATTACKER have announced the return of original bassist Lou Ciarlo. Lou will perform on the band's upcoming album, "The Unknown".

Ciarlo was the member responsible for penning the band's power metal classic "The Second Coming" as well as co-writing most of the highly successful comeback "Soul Taker" album. Ciarlo will enter the band's rehearsal studio to begin refining, then adding, his musical character to the upcoming album.

After the completion of the album, the band plans on a special performance of the entire "Battle At Helm's Deep" album in the U.S. in celebration of the returned bassist later this year. Venue, date, time and special guests will soon be announced. Much like their previous performance in Hamburg Germany, they will perform the entire "Battle" album as well as current favorites and other ATTACKER classics.The band are also said to be in the negotiating stages of planning their European tour for 2006. There will also be more U.S. dates for 2006 as well, mostly consisting of festival appearances with some regional shows in between.

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