August 15, 2005 writer Deb Rao recently spoke to BLACK LABEL SOCIETY guitarist Nick Catanese about the group's upcoming headlining tour and Ozzfest, among other topics. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

On how the Ozzfest tour is going:

"All the shows are cool in one way or another. The fans are amazing with us. There is much support and love. All of the BLACK LABEL SOCIETY berserkers in the crowd jamming with us."

On seeing IRON MAIDEN perform:

"It's sick seeing them. They are metal icons. I am looking forward to seeing VELVET REVOLVER — seeing Slash, Duff and the boys. It's gonna be a great time."

On how Dimebag was instrumental in getting Nick his Washburn guitar endorsement:

"Well, Dime had put some good words in for me which I can never repay him. He was such a genuine guy and friend. I love my signature ET guitars but the guitar that is the closest to my heart is the black and red confederate that Washburn made specially for Dime. It is a one of one. They only made it for him. He loved it, but he went to Dean, so after he passed, I donated my ET guitar that I use in the 'Suicide Messiah' video to the Dime fund and they gave the confederate to me. It's amazing that if Dime was here he would have it, but I think he is happy and smiling up from above knowing that a BLACK LABEL brother is still playing it and paying respect. Dime loved us like brothers, he loved BLACK LABEL so much they even laid him to rest in his BLACK LABEL vest."

On whether Vinnie Paul will join BLACK LABEL SOCIETY on stage at Ozzfest in Texas (Paul had previously jammed with BLACK LABEL SOCIETY at the 2005 WAAF Indoor Beach Party in April in Lowell, MA):

"[The WAAF Beach Party] was a very special show for us, and it was great seeing Vinnie jam with us. I don't know if he will in Texas, but that memory is forever with me."

On BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's upcoming U.S. headlining tour:

"We are gonna take a much needed rest after Ozzfest, recharge then come out in October ready to smash heads. It's gonna be a great tour. The fans can expect what they always get — a fucking great time, and a lot of crushing fucking music."

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