BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION Frontman Discusses DIMEBAG Tribute Track 'Dimes In Heaven'

August 11, 2005

BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION frontman London LeGrand recently spoke to Jimmy Diggs and Kaan Soler of the Las Vegas-based Internet show "Daily Noise" about BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION's "Dimebag" Darrell tribute song, "Dimes in Heaven", to be included on the group's upcoming sophomore album, "Runaway Brides". An excerpt from the interview follows:

Jimmy Diggs: Hey, is this a uh... this looks to be a Dimebag Darrel tribute on your album here, "Dimes In Heaven".

London: "Yeah man."

Kaan Soler: Did you ever meet him?

London: "Good guy... I'm sure you guys have met him before but uh, I was in London [England] and uh..."

Kaan Soler: London in London...

London: "Yeah. (chuckles) And he was uh, man you know, I had never met the guy before. I've got like some posters of them up, from when I used to listen to them and stuff. 'Cowboys from Hell', that stuff. But anyway, um.. the rumor was that the guy had drank for like two days and he was still like (when I met him) was like the coolest guy. I mean like sweet as hell, down to earth. Just like as real as could be. You know, I grew up in parts of the South were like, people would take one shot of Jack Daniels and wanna kick your ass."

Jimmy Diggs: (laughs) Turn into a total ass wad huh?

London: "I was amazed, it's like this guys either strong as nails, or just like knows what he's all about. He is like one of the coolest guys I think I've ever met. I thought it was a tragedy the guy had to be taken out like that. It wasn't right. So, um, I thought he definately deserved, at least, a song on the album from uh.. one band. You know what I mean?"

Jimmy Diggs: Yeah. Was that your idea or more of a group...

London: "Yeah. Yeah, that was mine. Like I said, Tracii (Guns) gave me CD filled with music and I came up with lyrics and melody lines and stuff."

"Daily Noise" ( is a live uncensored adult variety talk show, airing Monday through Friday from 10am-12pm, with guests from the world of music, movies and entertainment.

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