BUTCHER BABIES' CARLA HARVEY: 'We've Got So Much Going On This Year'

February 12, 2020

BUTCHER BABIES singer Carla Harvey spoke to the "Scandalous Podcast" about the band's plans for 2020 after spending most of last year in the studio working on the follow-up to "Lilith", which was released in October 2017 via Century Media.

"We're about to announce a lot of stuff," Carla said (hear audio below). "But we've got so much going on this year. We're so excited.

"Taking almost a year off was actually a good thing, I think, for everybody in different ways," she continued. "For me, it gave me a chance to reconnect with myself, to build my relationships. 'Cause when you're gone on tour so much, you don't see your significant other. It's a very hard life, unless you're constantly with your significant other on the road. It's just hard to stay connected. So I was able to reinvest in my personal life, which is a great, great thing, and that way, I can go back into touring with a good attitude."

Harvey also talked about BUTCHER BABIES' musical and lyrical evolution in the seven years since the release of the band's debut LP, 2013's "Goliath".

"I think that all of our albums have an element of storytelling to them," she said. "We've always really told stories and spoken from personal experiences — we're very open, lyrically, when we write. I think, obviously, the major difference with 'Lilith' was that we had a new drummer, we tried some different styles that were previously not open to us to try, which was great. There was an element of sex on 'Lilith' that we hadn't explored before. It's just groovy and it's sexy. And I think that made a huge difference. The lyric are very sexual. I feel like we just opened more doors for ourselves with that album.

"Our first album was stuff that we had written even as teenagers, some of the lyrics," Carla explained. "So, that was a compilation of us from young adulthood to becoming young women. And it's a great album. The next album [2015's 'Take It Like A Man'], which I love, we fully wrote mostly on the road in kind of stolen little moments. With 'Lilith', we had more time to sit with each other and write extensively. And we also did a lot of pre-production with our producer. We played the songs live over and over and over again, and had a better feel for them before we stepped into the studio to actually record them. So, it was a whole different [process]. I loved every second of it."

Last July, BUTCHER BABIES co-vocalist Heidi Shepherd told "The Robbcast Podcast" that the band was searching for a new label home following a split with Century Media, which released all three of the group's albums so far.

"We had to kind of fight to get out of our last situation," she said. "And so it's such a release and such a big open door. And so we're really focusing on what we want to do musically and the sound we're gonna have. We're gonna definitely maintain that BUTCHER BABIES sound. You can always tell it's us. There's a lot of dynamic — there's always been a lot of dynamic — and I feel like holding ourselves to that is the smartest thing. And so we're just kind of playing around with all different stuff — playing around with different producers and just trying different things and seeing what label is gonna work best for us. So we're in kind of fun shift right now. It's awesome."

"Lilith" was produced by Steve Evetts (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, SEPULTURA, SUICIDE SILENCE) and marked BUTCHER BABIES' recording debut with drummer Chase Brickenden, who replaced Chris Warner in 2016.

Last July, longtime BUTCHER BABIES bassist Jason Klein announced his departure from the band. He played two final shows with BUTCHER BABIES — on August 1 at Gathering Of The Juggalos in Springville, Indiana and on August 3 at Pain In The Grass in Auburn, Washington — before exiting the group to focus on being a full-time father to his preteen daughter.

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