CARNIVAL IN COAL: Second And Third Albums Reissued On Single CD

May 29, 2006

After having re-released the cult debut effort "Vivalavida" (with previously unreleased "Sramik" demo as bonus) from French experimentalists CARNIVAL IN COAL at the end of 2005, Equilibre Music has now reissued on one single CD the second and the third albums from the duo.

CARNIVAL IN COAL's "French Cancan" (1999) displays some of the most surprising covers ever recorded, such as the famous symphonic black metal version of "Flashdance"'s "Maniac" hit single, as well as the lounge avatar of PANTERA's "Fucking Hostile".

2001's "Fear Not Carnival In Coal" shows a more mature band with a more oppressive approach of their death/black/grind/groove/whatever-you-want mix of genres.

With both albums being out of stock for months, this re-release — which is being made available in a luxurious digipack — will allow anyone to get his CARNIVAL IN COAL collection now complete before the release of the band's fifth album, due in the spring of 2007.

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