CAYNE Featuring Former LACUNA COIL Members: 'Together As One' Video Released

March 1, 2013

"Together As One", the first video taken from "Cayne", the new album from the Italian goth rockers CAYNE, can be seen below. The CD released on February 14 via Graviton Music Services, the new label founded by Menno Kappe, longtime Roadrunner Records employee.

"Together As One" is not only one of the songs of CAYNE, but it is also a kind of manifesto which represents the soul and true nature of the band. A creature with six hearts encased in a single body, and with as many variations which comes with the atmosphere their music creates.

CAYNE was formed in 1999 by Claudio Leo — who tragically passed away at the age of 40 after a suffering from a fatal illness, only weeks before the release of the new album — and Raffaele Zagaria, both former guitarists and founding members of LACUNA COIL, after they decided to leave the band in the aftermath of the release of the eponymous album for Century Media. The duo immediately gathered its forces to create this new band and signed a record deal with Scarlet in Milan to record their first album. This first release is the full-length "Old Faded Pictures", which came out in 2001. In 2002, after the tour to promote the CD, the band took a step back and remained dormant for the next four years. Thanks to the encounter of Claudio Leo and Marco Barusso (guitarist and producer),the project was slowly brought back to life from 2006 onwards. Since then, the band's lineup has gradually evolved to what CAYNE is today, with Guido Carli (drums),Giovanni Lanfranchi (electric violin and keyboards),Andrea Bacchio (bass),and Giordano Adornato (vocals).

CAYNE is delighted that some established names have been keen to contribute to their second album. On "Through The Ashes", Andrea Ferro from LACUNA COIL performs a duet with Giordano. Paul Quinn from the mighty SAXON puts his skills at work by doing the solo on "Black Liberation" and so does the acclaimed Jeff Waters from ANNIHILATOR on "King Of Nothing".

Says Bacchio: "Most critical to this album has been the achievement of Marco Barusso, our guitarist, who has also been in charge producing, arranging and mixing our album (Marco has also mixed 'Dark Adrenaline', LACUNA COIL's latest CD, and was involved in numerous collaborations with the likes of HIM, 30 SECONDS TO MARS, COLDPLAY and others). Marco is the one who has managed to create the unique signature to our sound, which allows our music to traverse between that what defines a rock band with the elements defining bands from the metal and gothic scene. We think this aspect differentiates us from a lot of bands currently out there and gives us our specific and very personal sound."

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