CHEVELLE Still Dealing With 'Awkward' Family Situation

January 29, 2007

Launch Radio Networks reports: CHEVELLE's new album, "Vena Sera", is the first to feature bassist Dean Bernardini, who replaced Joe Loeffler last year. Joe is the brother of CHEVELLE singer/guitarist Pete Loeffler and drummer Sam Loeffler, and his exit was not exactly on good terms. Although the band has settled its business issues with Joe, Pete Loeffler told Launch that their personal relationship is still on the outs. "Awkward is an understatement for the family life now," he said. "As far as get-togethers, holidays, nothing's settled there yet. Christmas was pretty weird, to say the least. But that's life. People need to treat people with respect, and if there's respect, then there's always resolution. There's not a lot of that right now, and basically that's the next hurdle."

CHEVELLE has set April 3 as the release date for "Vena Sera". The CD's first single, "Well Enough Alone", arrives at radio stations today (Monday, January 29).

Sam Loeffler told Harddrive Radio that at least one of the songs on the new album, "Safer Waters", was inspired by the situation with Joe.

New bassist Dean Bernardini is also the Loefflers' brother-in-law, having married their youngest sister Natalie.

CHEVELLE will hit the road as openers for EVANESCENCE, beginning on March 16 in Fresno, California.

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