CHRIS CAFFERY: 'Half Way' Done Mixing New Solo Album

May 19, 2006

Guitarist Chris Caffery (SAVATAGE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, DOCTOR BUTCHER) is currently in the studio mixing his new solo album, entitled "Pins and Needles". Caffery has posted the following update on his official web site:

"OK... Four days in and we are about half way through with the mixing. 'Pins', 'Sad', 'Crossed', 'Torment', 'Time', 'Worms', 'YGBFKM'...these are all 80% mixed.

"We are doing things a bit differently this time around. Instead of beating songs to death we are getting them almost perfect then printing stems of different groupings of sounds. Lead vox, Background vox, drums, keys, bass, lead guitars, rhythm guitars, whatever. Then once everything gets its proper sounds we get a mix up. Instead of agonizing over it we just move on. Then we listen to things and take notes. Then in the end we will do one final fix and mix of everything. This stuff is too involved and we would be here for 3 days each song otherwise.

"'Pins' is really a great opening tune for the CD.

"Odd day in business land [possibly referring to the report that his record label, Greece's Black Lotus, is closing its doors — Ed.]. Details will follow in the weeks to come for sure. 'YGBFKM' was our theme song for sure today!"

As previously reported, Caffery has been confirmed for the Lorca Rock festival, which is set to take place June 17 in Murcia, Lorca (south of Alicante),Spain.

Caffery's backing band at Lorca Rock will include DORO bassist Nick Douglas and original SAVATAGE drummer Steve "Dr. Kildrums" Wacholz.

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