CORNERSTONE Frontman DOOGIE WHITE Talks About Upcoming CD

August 5, 2005

CORNERSTONE, the project featuring ex-ROYAL HUNT bassist Steen Mogensen and ex-RAINBOW/current YNGWIE MALMSTEEN vocalist Doogie White, are hard at work writing songs for a new studio album, tentatively due next year.

Commented Doogie: "Once again the new material is taking a slight twist and a bit of a turn from the previous releases. We have about six songs and eight ideas kicking around. I think the tour helped ground us as a band and the guys have been jammin in Denmark."

Q: Do you have any song titles and can you let us into what the songs will sound like?

Doogie: "All the titles are working titles at the moment. 'Destiny', 'Comfort of Strangers', 'Misery Loves Company'… they are just the happy sing-along ones. As always, it is a gestation period where we are throwing different ideas around. I don't think any of us want to repeat ourselves on this album. You know when you are in the comfort zone... Well, take that comfort zone and throw it out. Get a new tapestry to work on. Find a different well to pull from. We can't deny the sound that we have got, but we can enhance it, strip it down, build it up. I am very excited with what we have so far."

Q: Will the band members remain the same?

Doogie: "Shit, I hope so. Together we have a sound and a style. We work well together and that is what is important. There are no egos in the band and that is so refreshing to see. Where would the band be without Mr. January and Pyjama Man?"

Q: Can we expect more tours from CORNERSTONE?

Doogie: "Yes! We have set ourselves up as a band that can do great albums and great live shows and we will continue to do both. I dont know if we will tour in the middle of winter again… that was cold and ... well, really cold. Yes, we are in talks now about more shows. We will let you know."

CORNERSTONE's live album, "Cornerstone In Concert", was released last month in Japan via Yamaha Communications and in Europe through Massacre Records. The CD was recorded at several shows on the group's debut tour of Europe in January/Febuary 2005. Included in the package is a video clip of live and backstage footage from the band's private archives.

CORNERSTONE's third studio CD, "Once Upon Our Yesterdays", was released in Europe in November 2003 through Massacre Records. Joining White and Mogensen on the album were returning members Kasper Damgaard on guitar and Allen Sorensen on drums. Guesting on keyboards were Rune Brink and ROYAL HUNT's Andre Andersen.

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