CRIMINAL To Release New Album In March

December 21, 2015

Metal Blade Records has welcomed back CRIMINAL to the label's worldwide roster. Having released four albums in the past via Metal Blade, CRIMINAL is now preparing their return to the Blade with a major Chilean thrash attack to drop in March 2016.

CRIMINAL frontman Anton Reisenegger comments: "Re-signing to Metal Blade feels like coming home to me. I've had a very close relationship to the label from when they sent me vinyl promos for my fanzine in the eighties, to when they offered us to release our second album in the U.S. and Europe in the nineties, to when I worked for them myself in the '00s. I'm very good friends with all of their staff, so I'm really happy they asked us to come back, and I am proud to say we are coming back with one of our best records to date!"

More details about CRIMINAL's upcoming album will be revealed soon, but in the meantime, Anton has given fans a preview of what to expect: "The new album sounds really pissed off and aggressive. Angry old men who don't give a fuck any more. We have come to terms with the fact we're not going to be the next SLAYER, but we keep doing this because we love making music together and I think we have something important to say in a time when image on the one hand and technique on the other seem to be more important than the riff. To us, it's all about the riff!"


Anton Reisenegger - vocals/guitars
Sergio Klein - guitars
Dan Biggin - bass
Zac O' Neil - drums

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