CRIMSON GLORY Guitarist Comments On ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL Appearance

July 16, 2006

Reunited Florida metallers CRIMSON GLORY performed at the Rockwave Festival on July 12 at Terravibe in Malakasa, Greece. The band's guitarist, Ben Jackson, has posted the following message on the band's official forum:

"The recent trip to Greece for me was awesome! We enjoyed beautiful weather, delicious food, gorgeous sites of history. The fans and people were friendly and welcoming to us at all times. It was a pleasure to travel with great friends again and share the experience.

"I can comment on the show by saying it felt great to walk out there and see the faces of hungry excited CRIMSON GLORY fans waiting for their band. We have always been a band with a huge appreciation of our fans and we have been noted for that interraction with our fans. It has never been about the money because believe me, there is not much to be made. We do this because it is what we love to do.

"I was content with the performance, not overly satisfied after walking off stage, knowing we could have done better. As it is, when bands go out on big or long tours it usually takes the first few shows before they reach their stride and start clicking. I am not about making excuses but that is how it was in our past; after the first week out things would just start to flow. We did rehearse for the festival but not as much as we would have liked to.

"After the show all the fans were gracious and wanted to meet and take pictures and talk with us. I viewed it as a success! I still do.

"Thanks to Jon for all the planning and efforts. Thanks to the rest of the band for coming together, and thanks to Mark Borgmeyer and Jimi Dupree! CRIMSON GLORY can definetly kick ass for another studio record and in live performance! You really can't judge a bands entire force by the outcome of a single show.

"I thought there was fantastic energy for the fact that we have not performed together as original in sixteen years. One can only look forward and make it stronger next time.

"All of the many fans I met after the show were asking for us to come back and play for them again. I look forward to that and hope it will be soon!"

CRIMSON GLORY members Jon Drenning (guitar),Jeff Lords (bass),Ben Jackson (guitar) and Midnight (vocals) have announced plans to release a wealth of material through an as-yet-undetermined label (the band's previous record company, Greece's Black Lotus Records, recently closed its doors),including remastered, expanded editions of the band's first two albums, a new version of "Astronomica" CD (which was originally recorded with current LEATHERWOLF frontman Wade Black at the microphone) featuring Midnight on vocals, and a brand new studio album, tentatively due in 2007.

Watch CRIMSON GLORY's classic video for the song "Lonely" at

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