CYNIC's PAUL MASVIDAL Releases First Of Trilogy Of Acoustic Albums

June 1, 2019

A prominent player in the prog metal scene since he was a teenager, Paul Masvidal reveals his songwriter roots with a solo acoustic album. Now available is the first of a trilogy of EPs, "Mythical Human Vessel", featuring a new direction that may earn the attention of a brand new audience in tune with his ethereal aesthetic and progressive point of view.

After an acclaimed career as the songwriter and guitar player for CYNIC and DEATH (whose album "Human" earned a spot among Rolling Stone's "The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time"),Masvidal delivers his first solo effort under the moniker MASVIDAL.

Produced by three-time Grammy winner Warren Riker (LAURYN HILL, FUGEES, SANTANA),the album is a departure from what his legions of fans have heard from Masvidal before. Ben Ratliff of The New York Times described Masvidal as one who "can expand his own sense of calm into an aggressive, extravagant art." In this offering, Masvidal channels music that is quietly powerful. Drawing on influences from musicians John Lennon, Brian Eno, Chet Baker, Russill Paul and Elliott Smith to visual artists Mark Rothko, Ai Weiwei, Hilma af Klimt and Cai Guo-Qiang, the songs are concise and starkly arranged with Masvidal's acoustic guitar playing and vocals front and center. In spite of the songs often painful subject matters of loss, depression, and heartache, the melodies are memorable.

"These are songs of healing and transformation, and I hope they will have a similar effect on who hears them." says Masvidal.

Each song on "Mythical Human Vessel" uses "Isochronic Tones" designed by Dr. Stephane Pigeon, creator of the Brian Eno-celebrated web site MyNoise. The tones are a groundbreaking type of sound therapy for increasing serotonin, alleviating depression and stress, improving focus, and aiding in restful sleep. "Mythical Human Vessel" is intended as "an inherently relaxing listening experience, and adding the tones multiplied the benefits," Masvidal says. "More serotonin for all!"

"My wish is that these songs will bring more ease to people, and if anything, remind us to slow down and embrace life's circumstances, as courageously as possible."

Among the video offerings with the album release is "Parasite" created by experimental artists Greymar; Apocalyptic landscapes are the backdrop to Masvidal's haunting vocals and the otherworldly pedal steel of Joshua Grange (SHERYL CROW, K.D. LANG).

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