DARK SARAH Feat. Former AMBERIAN DAWN Singer HEIDI PARVIAINEN: 'The Golden Moth' Album Details Revealed

May 24, 2018

Finnish cinematic metal band DARK SARAH will release its new album, "The Golden Moth", on September 21 via Inner Wound Recordings.

"The Golden Moth" is the last part of the first DARK SARAH trilogy ("The Chronicles"). The trilogy tells about Dark Sarah's travel through three worlds: The Middle World ("Behind The Black Veil" album),The Underworld ("The Puzzle" album) and The Upper World ("The Golden Moth" album).

On "The Golden Moth" album, Dark Sarah has to face the final test and find her way to the gods in the Upper World. After she had solved the puzzle in The Underworld and found the three keys, the Iron birds came there for her and took her to the Upper World, a deserted waste land where the gods rule. But also a trespasser, The Dragon, came with her. In the heat of the desert, they meet again and there is something The Dragon wants from her.

JP Leppäluoto (CHARON) has joined the official lineup as The Dragon for the upcoming album. Also in the roles of The Gods you will hear artists like Zuberoa Aznarez (DIABULUS IN MUSICA) and Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH).

DARK SARAH is a music project by Finnish metal band AMBERIAN DAWN's former vocalist Heidi Parviainen. During the years with AMBERIAN DAWN, she released four studio albums and did several European tours. After parting ways with AMBERIAN DAWN in late 2012, she started to build up her solo career and formed DARK SARAH.

DARK SARAH official lineup:

Heidi Parviainen (as Dark Sarah) - vocals
JP Leppäluoto (as Dragon) - vocals
Erkka Korhonen - guitar
Sami Salonen - guitar
Rude Rothstén - bass
Thomas Tunkkari - drums

The music video for "Trespasser" can be seen below.

"The Golden Moth" track listing:

01. Desert Rose
02. Trespasser
03. Wheel
04. My Beautiful Enemy
05. I Once Had Wings
06. Pirates
07. Sky Sailing
08. Wish
09. Gods Speak
10. Promise
11. Golden Moth
12. The Gate Of Time

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