March 31, 2009

Southwestern extreme metallers DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN have inked a deal with Bombworks Records. The band will enter Lambesis Studios in April to record its full-length debut, tentatively titled "King's to You", which will feature 11 brand new tracks. The CD will drop in June and will be available from the band for their tour up to Cornerstone, which includes an opening-night slot on Bombworks-sponsored Day of Metal stage.

Hailing from Glendale, Arizona, DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN has been a force in the Southwest scene for a number of years now, blending epic death and black metal with a modern edge for a powerful brutal sound that is both melodic and heavy. The band self-released a five-song self-titled EP in 2007 that featured more of an epic metalcore sound that borrowed many elements from death metal and symphonic black metal. They continued to refine their sound and later recorded a three-song demo in 2008 that boldly supplanted itself in the realm of extreme metal, taking cues from symphonic black metal, death metal and prog while retaining a modern edge, incorporating death growls and black shrieks, blazing guitar leads, bombastic drumming and bass work, and keyboards to provide atmosphere throughout.

DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN is a six-piece — with Logan on vocals, Gabe and Trey on guitars, DJ on bass, TJ on keys, and Matt on drums — resulting in a sound that is very full and providing the ability to reproduce the recorded sound live. Influences include DETHKLOK, BEHEMOTH, DIMMU BORGIR, IN FLAMES, and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/darknessbeforedawn.

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