DAVE GROHL Almost Falls From Stage Again During FOO FIGHTERS Show

May 9, 2018

According to The Pulse Of Radio, FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl nearly booked himself a return trip to the "rock throne" he used onstage in 2015 after breaking his leg during a concert in Sweden. This time, Grohl got tripped up momentarily during the FOO FIGHTERS' recent set at the Welcome To Rockville festival in Jacksonville, Florida. In footage posted online, Grohl can be seen stumbling over a speaker onstage, but this time he's able to brace himself with his arms instead of hitting the ground below.

Grohl must have flashed back to that moment in June 2015 when he tumbled from a stage in Gothenburg, Sweden, because he returned to the mic and told the Jacksonville crowd: "I almost just broke my fucking leg over there. Here's the way I look at it, when you get that close to breaking your fucking leg, that means it's a good show."

Grohl was unable to walk or run for several months as a result of that injury in 2015, so he performed a large stretch of FOO FIGHTERS shows on a massive light-up throne constructed for him by the band's road crew.

Grohl told The Pulse Of Radio at the time how he came up with the throne. "You know when you're a kid and you're in school, you sit in class and you draw instruments and stages and stuff like that in your notebook. It's the exact same thing," he said. "If you see the photo, it's like, it looks like I did it when I was in seventh grade. And it actually happened."

The FOO FIGHTERS frontman later ended up loaning the throne to Axl Rose after the GUNS N' ROSES singer broke his foot right at the start of that band's "Not In This Lifetime" reunion tour in April 2016, forcing Rose to perform the first portion of the trek while seated.

The Welcome To Rockville date wrapped up the first leg of the FOO FIGHTERS' current North American tour, which resumes again on July 6 in Columbia, Maryland.

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