2000 DECIBEL: Festival Date Announced, First Band Confirmed

September 13, 2004

The sixth edition of the 2000 Decibel festival will take place on May 21, 2005 in Bengtsfors, Sweden (180 kilometres north of Gothenburg).

What makes 2000 Decibel special is the fact that it is the only festival that is totally dedicated to Swedish hard rock and metal. If you visit the festival you will get the chance to see some of the best bands that Sweden has to offer.

"This year's festival was a big financial setback for us, which made the future of the festival uncertain," the festival's organizer, Lennart Larsson, writes in a press release. "Sweden's most well-known metal journalist, Martin Carlsson, became our angel of mercy. Martin took, with some help from Edward Janson and Per Karlsson at PK Musik, the initiative to the benefit show 200 000 Decibel, which took place the 2nd September at Trädgårn in Gothenburg. IN FLAMES, THE HAUNTED, HYPOCRISY, LOST HORIZON and NIFELHEIM all played for free for our sake! Absolutely fantastic!!!

"It is without doubt thanks to those persons and bands that we decided to arrange a new festival next year. All credit to them!!! We would like to take the opportunity to say a big thanks to everyone involved in the benefit show. Your support means everything for us!!! At the same time we want to urge everyone to give them a well deserved support. Visit their arrangements, read Close-Up, buy the bands' records and merchandise and go to their shows!"

The first confirmed band for the 2005 installment of the 2000 Decibel festival is FACE DOWN, the reunited Swedish outfit featuring former THE HAUNTED singer Marco Aro. Additional confirmations will be announced soon.

For more information, visit www.mfdecibel.com.

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