DEF LEPPARD Has 60-Date North American Tour Planned For 2018

December 23, 2017

During a December 19 interview with Backstage Axxess, DEF LEPPARD drummer Rick Allen was asked why his band continues making new albums despite a widespread industry belief that fans are not interested in hearing fresh music from veteran rock artists.

"I can understand bands wanting to [just play their classic songs on tour and not release anything new], and I get that," Rick responded (hear audio below). "But we kind of take a leaf out of THE ROLLING STONES book. They're constantly producing new music — every time they go out and tour, there's always new music to go along with that — and we feel as though if you're not creating new music, you're not really moving forward."

He continued: "We found that releasing [2015's self-titled] record, a lot of young people really liked a lot of the material on that record. And it was good that our fanbase really loved it. But it was nice to see new people coming in and new people getting to know about the band. And I think that's one of the things when you release new music — it definitely keeps that message moving forward; it doesn't get frozen in time."

Allen also talked about DEF LEPPARD's touring plans for 2018, including a rumored North American co-headlining trek with JOURNEY.

"I think we've got a show in London, which kind of kicks things off. And then we've got about a 60-date tour planned for 2018, and that's probably gonna be North America and Canada," Rick said. "And I take it that's probably gonna keep me pretty busy for the whole of next year."

Asked if DEF LEPPARD is planning to announce the North American tour in the coming weeks, Rick said: "I should imagine so. We're trying to work out all the details, but I should imagine that announcement's coming pretty soon."

JOURNEY bassist Ross Valory hinted to The Advocate newspaper earlier in the year that the band's package trek with DEF LEPPARD would launch in either May or June of 2018.

DEF LEPPARD and JOURNEY previously toured together in 2006. The trek was reportedly one of LEPPARD's most successful U.S. runs since the 1992-1993 "Adrenalize" tour. The DEF LEPPARD-JOURNEY package launched in June 2006 and consisted of three legs, taking the two bands up to November of that year.

At the time, DEF LEPPARD was supporting its covers album called "Yeah!"

DEF LEPPARD guitarist Phil Collen has said in past interviews that he would love to tour with JOURNEY again.

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