DEVILDRIVER Bassist Says 'Villains' Is 'Without A Doubt' Band's Finest Album To Date

May 27, 2009

Santa Barbara, California's DEVILDRIVER will release its fourth full-length album, "Pray For Villains", on July 14 via Roadrunner Records. The effort — which will also be made available as a special-edition CD/DVD package featuring three bonus tracks, a behind-the-scenes DVD and expanded artwork — was recorded at Edge of the Earth studios in Los Angeles with producer Logan Mader (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, GOJIRA, DIVINE HERESY).

Commented DEVILDRIVER bassist Jon Miller: "I have probably listened to the final mix of 'Pray For Villains' about 100 times and I can say with great certainty that this is without a doubt the finest DEVILDRIVER album to date. My favorite track is 'Ressurrection Blvd.' I am also glad to hear all of the positive feedback from listeners when we released the sneak peek of the title track last week for 24 hours. That is just the tip of the iceberg on the places that this record is going to take you guys..."

"Pray For Villains" track listing:

01. Pray For Villains
02. Pure Sincerity
03. Fate Stepped In
04. Back With A Vengeance
05. I've Been Sober
06. Resurrection Blvd.
07. Forgiveness Is A Six Gun
08. Waiting For November
09. It's In The Cards
10. Another Night In London
11. Bitter Pill
12. Teach Me To Whisper
13. I See Belief

Bonus Tracks (special edition):

14. Self-Affliction
15. Dust Be The Destiny
16. Damning The Heavens
17. Wasted Years

Disc Two - DVD (special edition):

01. "Making-Of" Documentary
02. Interviews

DEVILDRIVER filmed a video for the title track of the new album on April 9 with director Nathan Cox (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, MARILYN MANSON, LINKIN PARK).

Commented vocalist Dez Fafara: "The 'Pray For Villains' artwork [see below] is based on the title track on the record. The chorus goes, 'They pray for villains when their heroes let them down.'

"The concept of the villain saving the day — when all else fails, you turn your eyes towards the badass that gets the job done. Not the clean-cut guy — often big-talking, slowacting, lacking in spirit and conviction!

"I needed something graphic to tie into the hero/villain idea.

"I, personally, have been collecting owls for some time and the owl in many different cultures is seen as both the hero and villain. In Ireland, an owl that enters a house must be killed at once, for if it flies away it will takes the luck of the house with it. In Australia, aborigines believe bats represent the souls of men and owls the souls of woman. Owls are therefore sacred in their culture because your sister is an owl and the owl is your sister. For the Aztecs, one of their evil gods wore a screech owl on his head and in the Celtic culture, the owl is the sign of the underworld. So, the owl was the obvious choice as I wanted to feel as connected to the artwork as I do to the music and also give DEVILDRIVER another icon to work with and even further define us a band!"

DEVILDRIVER will headline this summer's "Thrash And Burn Tour", which will kick off on July 22 and run through August 30. A European tour with BEHEMOTH and GOJIRA will follow in October.

DEVILDRIVER recently re-signed with Roadrunner Records after previously issuing three full-length albums through the label. In addition, the band has secured a new management company in the shape of Davis Entertainment Group.

Regular edition:

Special edition:

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