DON DOKKEN On DOKKEN's Next Album: 'We're Actually Recording Over Skype'

August 12, 2020

Don Dokken spoke to Rob Rush about the progress of the songwriting sessions for DOKKEN's new album — the group's first since 2012's "Broken Bones". He said (hear audio below): "We're actually recording over Skype. Jon [Levin, guitar] and I have been Skyping each other, 'cause I'm up in New Mexico. He's in L.A. I'm at my other house in New Mexico hidin' out. And we just get on Zoom and I get all the boys on the screen and we all just put our heads together and we write."

Don previously told The Metal Voice that he and Levin had "about seven songs so far" for DOKKEN's next LP, which will be released via Silver Lining Music, the label owned by Thomas Jensen, one of the founders of Germany's Wacken Open Air festival.

Regarding the musical direction of the new DOKKEN material, Don told The Metal Voice: "We're kind of going retro. I mean, look, you write what you write as a musician — your life changes, the world changes, you write what you write. You're influenced by new bands and other music. But I know where my bread is buttered as far as the classic DOKKEN sound, and Jon's really good at doing that. And so I said, 'I think we should write a record between the lines of 'Tooth And Nail' [1984] and 'Under Lock And Key' [1985].' And that's kind of the direction I'm writing in right now."

DOKKEN will release an album called "The Lost Songs: 1978-1981" on August 28 via Silver Lining Music. Featuring sleeve art by renowned U.S. artist Tokyo Hiro (MOTÖRHEAD, MOTLEY CRÜE),the effort contains material written and recorded by a hungry young Don Dokken as he embarked upon a journey which started in Southern California and Northern Germany.

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