DON DOKKEN Says There's A Lot Of Hypocrisy In Today's Music Scene

July 20, 2004

In a recent interview with New York Press, Don Dokken spoke about his disdain for the younger scene. "I know I'm supposed to be this old shallow poseur," he said. "There's a lot of hypocrisy out there. We found that out on a show with SEVENDUST and SOCIAL DISTORTION. I'm walking around, and there's nothing going on backstage that wasn't back in 1982. Who was that guy with the shaved head? Mr. Depression, Mr. I-Smoke-25-Joints-A-Day? Hell, I watched him smoke five joints in five minutes. I'm trying to introduce my daughter to him: 'This is my daughter, Jessica. She wanted to meet you. Could you kinda get that hash out of your face for a second?'"

"If I cared about money," added guitarist Jon Levin, "I sure wouldn't be touring. And we love our fans; we try to do everything we can for them, but I don't understand what they're thinking sometimes. Myself, as a fan, I've never tried to go on another band's tour bus. These fans today expect it."

"And they're typing on the Internet on their way home from the show," Dokken added, "'Don's still an asshole.' Fuck it. I've stopped trying."

"I understand if nobody cares what a middle-aged man has to say about life," continued Dokken. "Who gives a shit? It's just that I care. This'll still be the last line-up of DOKKEN. It breaks my heart to see some bands I've known over the years, playing clubs where they're pushing the pool tables out of the way. That's sad. Accept that a beautiful thing happened to you, and you had fun. Go back to school, write a book, move on."

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