DOWN Guitarist: 'PHILIP ANSELMO Is Hung Like An Elephant!'

May 5, 2003

A METALLICA cover story in the current issue of Revolver magazine seems to have struck a chord with Philip Anselmo fans...and it wasn't because of anything members of METALLICA said. Rather, it appears that the PANTERA/DOWN singer's fans were irked by the author's description of a scene from METALLICA's Northern California headquarters, where a cover to a past issue of Revolver bearing Phil's familiar mug was allegedly posted on a bulletin board. According to the writer, a message scrawled on a post-it note and placed directly under the picture read, "Compensates for small penis by being heavy."

Whether or not METALLICA themselves were responsible for writing the note is not known and was not made clear in the Revolver story. However, this didn't stop Anselmo fans from launching a round of some heavy-duty METALLI-bashing on the official DOWN message board, where members of the latter group regularly post.

During a recent routine stop by the board, DOWN guitarist Kirk Windstein addressed the issue, stating, "All I can say is [James] Hetfield is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people I've ever met. I wouldn't put a lot of faith in a magazine article. On the other hand, if anyone says Phil has a small cock, they are sadly mistaken. The motherfucker's hung like an elephant!"

(Thanks: Nodferatu's Lair)

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