EVANESCENCE's AMY LEE 'Felt A Flood Of Inspiration' After Becoming A Mother

August 28, 2017

In a brand new interview with Theresa Rockface of the 94.5 The Buzz radio station in Houston, Texas, EVANESCENCE frontwoman Amy Lee spoke about how becoming a mother three years ago has changed her as a person and as an artist. She said: "Besides the obvious day to day — it's different at every age, I'm sure; right now it's just non-stop — I think that the bigger change is in my heart: this newness. I don't know… You get to a point where you kind of feel like you've felt every feeling and maybe not done everything, but you're, like, 'Okay, I get it. Life. Cool.' And then you have a kid and your heart expands and there's this new part of you that you didn't know existed. I found myself on that day, when he was born, questioning why I'd waited so long, because I didn't realize that there was a whole other part of me. It's hard to explain.

"I always thought before having kids, 'Okay, okay, okay, this whole thing that I do is completely consuming and the way that I work is with such crazy focus and obsession, I'm not gonna be able to be a good mom at the same time. So I'm gonna wait to have kids and when I finally do, I'm probably not gonna do this anymore,'" she continued. "What I didn't expect was, even during the pregnancy but then when he was born, I felt a flood of inspiration. I didn't have a choice — I had to make music all the time. And I was so productive weirdly — not sleeping, exhausted, but also just feeling so many feelings and thoughts and recording things into my little voice memos on my phone and just having ideas and not feeling afraid; just feeling like, 'I have to do it. I have to do this.'"

Lee gave birth to a son named Jack Lion Hartzler in July 2014. Jack is the first child for the 35-year-old Lee and her husband of ten years, Josh Hartzler.

EVANESCENCE's new album, "Synthesis", will reimagine some of the band's past catalog with full orchestration and electronic backing.

Due November 10, "Synthesis" will feature two new EVANESCENCE songs in addition to fan favorites re-recorded with a live orchestra and electronica.

The "Synthesis Live" tour will launch this fall beginning October 14 on the West Coast. Like the album, "Synthesis Live" will feature a reimagining of some of EVANESCENCE's best-loved songs with the spotlight on full orchestra, electronics combined with the band and Lee's virtuoso piano and voice.

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