Ex-SCORPIONS Drummer JAMES KOTTAK Says U.S. Should 'Fix' Its Homelessness Problem Before Accepting Any More 'Outsiders'

June 27, 2019

Former SCORPIONS and current KINGDOM COME drummer James Kottak says that America should take care of its "homeless problem" before accepting any more "outsiders."

Earlier today, the 56-year-old musician tweeted: "I wrote a new song.... 'Get out of My Kountry' ie: stay out of my space! We don't need anymore outsiders. We can't even fix the homeless problems?! When homeless problem is solved we take care everyone else..."

A day earlier, Kottak expressed his dissatisfaction over the fact the first night of the first Democratic presidential debate did not include any discussion of the homelessness problem in the U.S.

"Dem debate...not one brought up the homeless issue...Lame", he tweeted.

Kottak has spent much of the last year touring with the reunited KINGDOM COME, also featuring guitarists Danny Stag and Rick Steier, bassist Johnny B. Frank and singer Keith St. John (formerly of MONTROSE and LYNCH MOB).

In September 2016, Kottak was dismissed from SCORPIONS during his well-publicized battle with alcoholism and was replaced by former MOTÖRHEAD member Mikkey Dee.

SCORPIONS guitarist Matthias Jabs later said that he and his bandmates "had to make" the decision to fire Kottak, explaining that they gave the drummer "all the chances" to get better. "We reached the point — or he reached the point — where it was just not worth it," Jabs said.

Last fall, Kottak told Detroit's 101 WRIF radio station that his recovery was "a work in progress." He explained: "Over the last 10 years, I would say I was 90 percent sober, and then I'd have these struggles and I'd go through a bad two- or three-week period. So right now it's, like I said, to use a cliché, it's one day at a time and I work the program. I still go out, and if you wanna drink a bottle of Jack in front of me, go for it — [it's] no big deal — but it is, like I said, a work in progress."

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