F**K THE FACTS Adds New Guitarist

September 30, 2010

Canadian grind/metal unit FUCK THE FACTS has announced the addition of guitarist Johnny Ibay (PARTY TANK, DRUDGERY) to the group's ranks.

Ibay has been touring with FUCK THE FACTS as a session member since 2008.

Commented FUCK THE FACTS founder Topon Das: "After touring the world with us for the past two and a half years, we finally welcome Johnny 'Beige' Ibay (a.k.a. Jibay) into the FUCK THE FACTS family the only way we know how... (see video below)"

Das added, “Welcome home, Beige. We couldn't find anyone better in the past three years, so we're gonna keep ya, buddy."

Ibay is featured on FUCK THE FACTS' "Disgorge Mexico: The DVD", which was released independently earlier in the year.

FUCK THE FACTS' "Wake" video was created by the Copenhagen, Denmark-based director Michael Panduro (Siegfried Productions),who has previously worked with PSYOPUS and Denmark's indie pop band NO AND THE MAYBES. The song comes off the band's self-released "Unnamed" seven-inch EP.

"Disgorge Mexico: The DVD" features the entire set from the "Disgorge Mexico" CD-release show where the band played the album from start to finish for the first and only time. The whole show was filmed with multiple cameras and then edited by Phil Pattison of Nictophobia Films. The DVD also includes "Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie", a film by David Hall of Handshake Inc. (TODAY IS THE DAY, JUCIFER, SIGH, HAIL OF BULLETS). Hall describes it as "a substance abuse art house riff on the destructive and volatile nature of love."

"Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie" is a violent, hallucinatory depiction of one woman's strange journey, set to the soundtrack of FUCK THE FACTS' "Disgorge Mexico".

"Disgorge Mexico: The DVD" is limited to 500 copies (first 100 copies come with a bonus disc) and like the band's recently released "Unnamed" seven-inch EP, is an exclusively independent release only available through the FUCK THE FACTSwebstore.

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