FAITH NO MORE Keyboardist RODDY BOTTUM: 'Make Music, Read, Be Creative And Love As Hard As You Can'

March 28, 2020

FAITH NO MORE keyboardist Roddy Bottum has urged his fans to read and be creative while they are at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier today (Saturday, March 28),Bottum took to his Twitter to write: "How are you, my people. Love to each and every one of yous. We breathe, we persevere and we get through this together. Day by day. Big big big big love, xo.

"I feel bittersweet about fleeing NYC. I drove across the country being super dooper safe with the man. We made hand sanitizer in Tulsa and applied it every step of the way. Keep doing that and don't touch your faces!

"The self isolating is real, people. I've been isolated for almost three weeks. Make music, read, be creative and love as hard as you can. Let's share stuff. I'm creating and will share soon.

"In the meantime, check this out.... I made a record with my French friends, HIFIKLUB. Our record comes out in a while, it's called Things That We Lost in the Fire. Here's a song from it called David Says. It's a song about David Wojnarowicz."

By the end of this week, more than 50% of the U.S. population will be officially urged to stay home as the country grapples with the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus. The governors of 24 states have issued orders shutting down most businesses.

There have been more than 660,000 confirmed cases and more than 30,000 deaths so far worldwide, putting public health systems and emergency services under immense pressure.

Last November, FAITH NO MORE announced its first live performances in half a decade.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, FAITH NO MORE was supposed to return to the road in the spring, five years after the release of the group's acclaimed reunion album, "Sol Invictus".

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