October 25, 2017

"Full Of Hate", the new video from FIRESPAWN — the Swedish death metal project featuring Lars Göran Petrov (vocals; ENTOMBED) and Victor Brandt (guitar; ENTOMBED),Alex Friberg (bass; NECROPHOBIC),Fredrik Folkare (guitar; UNLEASHED, NECROPHOBIC) and Matte Modin (drums; DARK FUNERAL, DEFLESHED) — can be seen below. The track is taken from FIRESPAWN's sophomore album, "The Reprobate", which was released on April 28 as a digipak CD, deluxe LP (with gatefold sleeve, 180-gram vinyl, poster, inlay and the entire album on CD) and as a digital download/stream via Century Media. The follow-up to 2015's "Shadow Realms" is described in a press release as "a merciless piece of evil, ferocious and blasphemous death metal."

The cover artwork for "The Reprobate" is an excerpt of a huge painted piece by Paolo Girardi, who was responsible for the artwork of FIRESPAWN's debut album as well as records by BLACK BREATH, POWER TRIP, CHTHE'ILIST, MANILLA ROAD and many more.

Friberg told Decibel magazine about "The Reprobate": "Musically, it's way different [from the debut]. 'Shadow Realms' was, in a way, a try out, to explore our sound. In the beginning, we know how we wanted it to sound, but not really how to get there. As all new bands in the beginning, I guess. Nonetheless, I think we executed 'Shadow Realms' very well. It's an open fire, in-your-face kind of album. On 'The Reprobate', we have a found our sound in a whole new level and we know each other way better musically also. There is also more thought behind 'The Reprobate'. Vibe-wise, I think that people will feel that 'The Reprobate' is more grandiose. It's a bigger, faster, more evil album. You can compare the two like this. 'Shadow Realms' is mad doctor slicing you up while 'The Reprobate' is a grand coliseum with gladiators and carnivores slicing you up. They are both spot-on, but they are creepy in different ways."

Added Brandt: "To me, it is a natural step. A progress and continuation both as a band as an album. Some parts of 'Shadow Realms' I had written about ten years earlier. I wrote the main riff in 'Necromance' in an apartment in London on a day off on a tour several years back. But some of those riffs and parts never became songs. I did not have anywhere to make use of them, really. So, in a way, 'Shadow Realms' took longer to write. 'The Reprobate' was a much faster process. We even had material ready before 'Shadow Realms' was released. And since we play live as much as we can, the live performance aspect was something we thought a lot about too. We now have a wider selection when we play live. Since we know what type of feeling or style of songs we felt we wanted to add to the live set, we made that happen with 'The Reprobate'. I feel that the new album is more direct and that we have added something new while maintaining our style."

"The Reprobate" track listing:

01. Serpent Of The Ocean
02. Blood Eagle
03. Full Of Hate
04. Damnatio Ad Bestias
05. Death By Impalement
06. General's Creed
07. The Whitecahpel Murderer
08. A Patient Wolf
09. The Reprobate
10. Nightwalkers

Hailing from Stockholm, FIRESPAWN is the unholy union of five death metal veterans with the aim to create blasphemous, sacrilegious and evil death metal, played by sharp minds with ancient souls.


Lars Göran Petrov (ENTOMBED) - Vocals
Victor Brandt (ENTOMBED) - Guitar
Alex Friberg (NECROPHOBIC) - Bass
Fredrik Folkare (UNLEASHED, NECROPHOBIC) - Guitar


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