FLESH MADE SIN Begins Recording New Album

May 10, 2010

After several months of writing and pre-production, Dutch black/death thrashers FLESH MADE SIN have entered Aftermath Studios in Kaatsheuvel, Holland with producer Marco Stubbe to begin recording their new album for a late 2010 release.

According to a press release, FLESH MADE SIN "will continue and further evolve their epic darkness invoked by its predecessor, 'The Aftermath Of Amen', which was released June 29, 2009 by Neurotic Records."

Commented guitarist/vocalist Twan van Geel: "FLESH MADE SIN have set sail to descend deeper in the abyssic spheres of blackened metal. We've managed to capture the wickedness and darkened layers which already emerged from 'The Aftermath Of Amen' and gave the color black a leading role as it comes to the overall feel of the new material. The songs breathe like a megalomaniac and provoke all inferior maggots claiming to play the best metal music ever.

"Fuck you all!

"There is so many weak shit coming out lately that I really can't wait to record and release this demonic diamond of Satan's excellence. Needless to say, lyrically all madness flows like the finest of wines. Baptized through god's delirium the words are casted straight from my weary heart into the mental slavery of free will and the tempting whirlwinds of earthly lust. Finally reaching the cosmic spectre in adoration of the beast in men.

"Ave Satan!"

In other news, FLESH MADE SIN has announced the re-release of the band's 2004 debut album, "Dawn Of The Stillborn", due later in the year via Neurotic Records. In addition to all-new artwork, the package, titled "Dawn Of The Stillborn - Anni Peccatorum Tenebrum X", will include the band's first two demos and two previously unreleased bonus tracks. The reissue will mark FLESH MADE SIN's ten-year anniversary.

"Dawn Of The Stillborn - Anni Peccatorum Tenebrum X" track listing:

01. Crowned in Torment
02. Possess the Flesh
03. Dawn of the Stillborn
04. The Cleansing
05. Descending Life
06. Ritual for the Dead
07. Wastelands
08. Spiritual Death-Trip

Bonus tracks:

09. Intro: Thrash is Back *
10. Sculpture of Bones *
11. Your Blood is Mine *
12. Scenery of Death *
13. Lustful Killing **
14. Tormentor **
15. Taste the Knife **
16. Heavy Metal Warheads ***
17. Dead End ***

* Taken from the "Scenery of Death" demo (2000)
** Taken from the "Masterwork in Blood" MCD (2002)
*** Previously unreleased

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