Former BROKEN HOPE Guitarist, Singer Resurface In EARTHBURNER

May 5, 2002

Former BROKEN HOPE guitarist Jeremy Wagner and vocalist Scott Creekmore have teamed up with FLESHGRIND guitarist Steve Murray, PUTRID PILE bassist Shaun LaCanne and drummer Jeff Bumgardner in a brand new death metal project called EARTHBURNER. Around 10 original songs have already been written, and with Steve Murray from FLESHGRIND on board, we'll have even more material as Steve is contributing a number of riffs for songs, Jeremy said.

EARTHBURNER recently entered Scott's studio Mercenary Digital to lay down five songs for a promo CD, which they hope to wrap that up by next week. Some of the tentative, working titles of completed songs are as follows:

01. Infection: Ebola
02. Hardwired To Kill
03. Brain Food
04. Flesh Mechanic
05. Give Me the Bottom Half
06. Omerta
07. Rat-F.cker
08. Inhumane Society
09. Rendered Into Lard
10. The Entity

According to Wagner, EARTHBURNER is a death-metal/grind band. We're all about blast, meaty riffs, and all-out raw, angry, non-technical songs that feel like a shotgun-blast to the guts. The bottom line for EARTHBURNER is uncompromised ferocity and having fun. Simple as that. No hype, no politics, no drama

EARTHBURNER has been very productive and if everything goes well, they hope to be recording their debut full-length album this summer. An official website has been launched at, and is currently under heavy construction, but it will soon contain complete EARTHBURNER information, pictures, and sample MP3s for download.

For more info on EARTHBURNER, contact Jeremy Wagner at: [email protected] For more info on EARTHBURNER and Mercenary Digital studios, contact Scott Creekmore at: [email protected]

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