Former CANDLEMASS Singer MATS LEVÉN To Join DENNER'S INFERNO For Festival Appearances

February 20, 2020

Mats Levén will join DENNER'S INFERNO, the new band featuring legendary KING DIAMOND and MERCYFUL FATE guitar player and composer Michael Denner, for the group's upcoming festival appearances.

Levén is regarded as one of the strongest Swedish hard rock singers with a large vocal register and a strong resume. He spent almost ten years fronting doom metal legends CANDLEMASS until he was replaced in 2018 by original singer Johan Langquist. In addition, he has been the vocalist for Yngwie Malmsteen, KRUX and ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA and more.

Levén will make his live debut with DENNER'S INFERNO at this year's Nordic Noise festival, set to take place May 8-9 at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Denner comments on the new collaboration: "It is with pride and great pleasure to be able to present Mats Levén as the singer when DENNER'S INFERNO plays on Nordic Noise on May 8 and a couple of more summer festivals. And then more plans together, I hope! I have followed Mats closely through my passion for doom metal and thus his work in CANDLEMASS, ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA etc. And feel that his style fits perfectly with what I want to express myself with the music I perform."

Levén adds: "I am very much looking forward to playing a couple of festivals with DENNER'S INFERNO this summer — starting with Nordic Noise in Copenhagen, and then we will see what happens next.

"I bought MERCYFUL FATE's 'Melissa' and 'Don't Break The Oath' albums as a young teenager and have loved them ever since. They mean a lot to me. And who knows? Maybe we will also play a couple of MERCYFUL FATE classics when we are on stage anyway."

DENNER'S INFERNO released its debut album, "In Amber", last November through Mighty Music.

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