GARBAGE Singer Comments On METALLICA Documentary

September 25, 2004

GARBAGE frontwoman Shirley Manson has posted the following message in the "Diary" section of the group's web site:

"Went to see the METALLICA movie 'Some Kind of Monster' last night and was completely spellbound. I mean... first off... I'm in LOVE with James Hetfield, but more completely resonated with me in terms of the studio experience with my own band. I sat mezmerized as I watched how they struggled to come to terms with each other and their individual desires. Totally and utterly fascinating. Have to also point out that GARBAGE share the same management team as METALLICA, so of course, we were struggling not to hoot with laughter whenever any of them appeared on screen but it was very weird to see them in their capacity as managers without being emotionally invested in their responses. I can only equate it to watching your own parents in their dealings with other children. When [METALLICA/GARBAGE manager] Cliff Burnstein effectively and articulately argued a case for the title 'St Anger' versus 'Frantic' I felt a great wave of appreciation engulf me. Thank fuck I don't have an idiot for a manager."

(Thanks: Inter Sandman)

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