GEORGE LYNCH To Release 'Seamless' Instrumental Solo Album

February 20, 2021

Legendary guitarist George Lynch has confirmed to Chris Annunziata of "The Metal Teddy Bear Experience" show on 90.3 WMSC that he has a new solo instrumental album coming out later this year. "It's done," he said (hear audio below). "It's been done for a while. It's called 'Seamless'. It's [gonna be released] on Rat Pak Records. I just spoke to the head of the label yesterday, actually, and they're gonna try to work it into a release maybe in midyear, maybe the latter part of the summer, back end of the summer — maybe September."

Lynch previously discussed the prospect of releasing a new instrumental album during a 2019 appearance on "Talking Shred". Asked if he would ever record a "shred" instrumental LP, he stated at the time: "Absolutely. I have some trepidation about it because of the insane players who are making it hard for old guys like me to keep up. I look at all those Instagram guys and my mind is just blown every day. It's so beautiful, because a lot of it is — they're not doing what they did in the late '80s, early '90s, just going hyper-speed shred. They do that too, but they're going back to bebop and jazz and Wes Montgomery stuff, Joe Pass stuff... On top of that, the Tosin Abasi [thing], multi-string, multi-tapping, two-handed, all that stuff too, and putting it all together and coming up with hybrid new stuff, which is fascinating. I've been trying to do the finger thing — I can't really do it. I do a fake finger thing. That's just me trying to be Jeff Beck because I think we all just want to be Jeff Beck."

In recent years, Lynch has recorded albums with a number of different projects, including LYNCH MOB, KXM, SWEET & LYNCH, THE END MACHINE and DIRTY SHIRLEY. His most recent release was "Heavy Hitters", a collaboration with his former DOKKEN bandmate Jeff Pilson on a collection of studio recordings that turn pop music classics into metal anthems.

Last year, Lynch told Guitar World magazine that staying "diversified" was key to making a living in rock music today. "Do everything," he said. "Be an engineer, be a composer, play every instrument you can, get endorsements, learn how to make a web site, be social-media savvy and keep your eye on everything."

Image credit: ESP Guitars

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