GODSMACK Drummer Sets Record Straight Regarding 'Cryin' Like A Bitch' Song

September 8, 2011

GODSMACK drummer Shannon Larkin has revealed more details about the events of the 2009 Cre Fest 2 tour which inspired his band's "Cryin' Like A Bitch" song.

GODSMACK frontman Sully Erna reportedly wrote the track about MTLEY CRE bassist Nikki Sixx after the two musicians clashed during the trek, on which GODSMACK was a support act and CRE was the headliner.

Speaking to Tricia Weight (a.k.a. A Geek Girl) of "Interviews From The Edge" during the recently completed Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival (see video below),Larkin stated about the inspiration for "Cryin' Like A Bitch", "Several things actually happened [during that tour], honestly. You know, the rest of the band... we get along great with [other MTLEY CRE members] Mick Mars, Tommy Lee. I got along great with Nikki Sixx. In fact, he had called me over to catering one time and said would I like to play with his SIXX: A.M. [side project], on the record. And I was like, 'Yeah!' But then this was, like, three weeks into the tour, and then four weeks later, him and Sully had this clash. And it stemmed from [MTLEY CRE's] security, I think, more than Nikki, but you know, Nikki is the leader of the band. Basically, [it had to do with their] security throwing us off the stage... whatever... It was a bunch of ego shit that none of us really got into. But MTLEY CRE kind of acted like... Well, their security, in any event... they were real weird with our guests getting backstage, like our guests might want to look at MTLEY CRE. Our guests were there to see us and they didn't care a shit about MTLEY CRE. And MTLEY CRE is a legendary band that we all respect. When I was 17, I had 'Shout At The Devil' and all that, hell yeah! But it just kind of fronted us a little that they would think that our guests would be star-struck over them. And half the time these were people I've known for 30 years [and they] can't even get backstage because MTLEY CRE doesn't want people back or whatever. So that's where the bad blood came from. And then Sully runs his mouth, Nikki runs his mouth They're both big rock stars. Next thing you know, it's a battle in the press."

When asked directly if the track was written about Sixx, Erna told Albany, New York's Q103 radio station, "It's very difficult for me to restrain myself from answering that question because as honest as I'd like to be, the other side of me doesn't want to give anybody the extra exposure, even if it's negative. So, I'm just gonna plead the fifth."

Back in May, Sixx had the following to say regarding Erna's complaints about how GODSMACK was treated on the Cre Fest 2 tour, "Every person from road crew, fans and even all the bands on the tour (including [Sully's] band) was so happy, but [Erna] just seems to be crying like a bitch," Sixx replied. "Funny, even his manager told me he's an asshole... Maybe the problem is just in HIS head... I got no problem with him."

Erna admitted in a webisode for the band's fifth studio album, "The Oracle", that "Cryin' Like A Bitch" was inspired by events of Cre Fest 2. Sully told Artisan News Service at the time, "There's definitely been some rock-star garbage on this tour that we just have never seen in our career . . . this was the first time that I felt like, 'You know what?! If there's gonna be some people that are gonna treat other people a certain way, then I'm gonna go out there every night and . . . make sure that we make you look old and fat, and go home with a nice big fat paycheck."

Samples of some of the lyrics on "Cryin' Like A Bitch" include lines like: "Strut on by like a king/Telling everybody they know nothing/Long lived what you thought you were/Time ain't on your side anymore"

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