GODSMACK To Tour Europe, Film Video For 'Serenity'

June 19, 2003

GODSMACK will launch a European outing July 13 in Manchester, England and plan to return to the States for a headlining tour in the fall, which like the band's current outing, will offer $10 tickets to U.S. soldiers.

"We've always been supportive of our country and our president and stuff like that, whereas a lot of people, I thought, lashed out pretty quickly at what we did, and I thought the government did everything pretty cleanly and publicly as possible," frontman Sully Erna explained to MTV.com. "We have a lot of respect for the military and stuff like that, and we just wanted to give them something back for what they did for us, letting us live in a free country and that kind of thing. We're not a very political band, but we are supportive of the U.S. military and how they approach things."

Before heading overseas, GODSMACK will shoot the video for their new single, "Serenity", a track inspired by "Ghost Rider", RUSH drummer Neil Peart's book about coping with the loss of his wife and daughter. "We have a few ideas that are in the works, but we're trying to clear a few things," Erna said. "We're trying to make it as true to the storyline as possible without doing anything offensive."

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