GRIP INC. Guitarist WALDEMAR SORYCHTA Says Playing With OVERKILL Was An 'Amazing' And 'Great' Experience

November 20, 2016

Waldemar Sorychta — former GRIP INC. guitarist who has produced a number of acclaimed albums from SODOM, MOONSPELL and TIAMAT, among others — played guitar for New Jersey thrashers OVERKILL for three shows on the latter band's current European headlining tour after regular OVERKILL guitarist Dave Linsk was unable to make the dates.

Sorychta, who made his live debut with OVERKILL on November 8 at Batschkapp in Frankfurt, Germany, told BLABBERMOUTH.NET about the experience: "Somehow they called me… well, [they contacted me] through KREATOR.... I listened to some songs and said yes, I can do it. [I had to learn] 15 songs.

"[I] got a call [on a] Friday night... [That] Saturday [I had] to search for all the songs on YouTube.... and make clear which tuning [the songs are played in] etc. and at night started to practice, but I did it.... It's what counts.

"[I] got bloody fingers... It's not only to learn [the songs]. I can do it quick, but to have them for any situation, by heart, memorized without [making a] mistake live with a band you don't even know the songs [of].... Sorry to say. I said to them too; 'That's nothing without respect, [but I] just I didnt know your songs three days ago.'

"[It's a] funny crazy story, but i did it. The first day, of course, I had to watch [my hand] many times, but [by] the last [show], I felt almost like home and then [I had] to leave.... Hahaha… But it was an] amazing, great and funny time. [I] made new friends."

OVERKILL is also once again utilizing a stand-in drummer — their soundman Eddy Garcia, who is also a member of the El Paso, Texas band PISSING RAZORS — for the tour because the band's regular drummer, Ron Lipnicki, is forced to stay home due to undisclosed family issues.

OVERKILL will release its new album, "Grinding Wheel", in February via Nuclear Blast. Singer Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth told about the title: "When we were looking for a title, when you think in terms of the word 'grind,' you think of something that is relentless and doesn't wear down, whether it be an old stone mill or something metallic where sparks are flying through it. It's about an all-purpose tool through all time. It's a good, quality OVERKILL record."

Regarding the musical direction of the follow-up to 2014's "White Devil Armory", Ellsworth told Alternative Nation: "At the end of the day, OVERKILL is OVERKILL. Our trademark is that we are always recognizable on every release. For the three decades we have been around, we were always OVERKILL. So, sure, it is a metal record, and like always, it will have sort of a thrash vibe to it with some melody in it."

As previously reported, OVERKILL and NILE will join forces for a U.S. tour in February/March 2017.



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