HATEBREED Frontman Defends YouTube's Decision To Ban Comments On Millions Of Videos Featuring Kids

May 1, 2019

HATEBREED frontman Jamey Jasta has defended YouTube's decision to ban comments on some videos featuring minors. Back in February, one of the world's largest video services disabled comments from tens of millions of videos "that could be subject to predatory behavior" and is continuing to identify similar troubling videos, the company said.

Earlier today, Jasta tweeted out a link to a Variety article headlined "YouTube CEO Defends Decision to Shut Off Comments for Videos With Kids" and included the following message: "Good! It sickens me that there are grown ass adults talkin shit about lil kids in these videos comment sections. Talk shit on my vids I give 0 fucks but when u shit talk defenseless kids online that is straight LOSER behavior. U don't get it your way YouTube isn't Burger King lol"

YouTube is using a newly developed machine learning algorithm to help classify comments more effectively to filter content that exploits children aged 13 and younger.

Clips that include kids of 13 and younger are having the comments section removed. Videos featuring children aged 14 to 17 with subjects with potential for abuse are also seeing their comments disabled.

YouTube was responding to criticism and the loss of advertisers after a video "documenting how pedophiles have used comments on videos of children to guide other predators" went viral.

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