HATEBREED Frontman Says New CD Is 'An All-Out Onslaught Of In-Your-Face Brutality'

April 28, 2006

Australia's X-Press Online recently conducted an interview with HATEBREED frontman Jamey Jasta. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Recalling an incident a few years back on the Tattoo The Earth tour with SLIPKNOT and COAL CHAMBER when things got decidedly out of hand:

"So we're in Nebraska and it's my birthday, and we rent out a floor of a Holiday Inn and it's us and the guys from AMEN and DOWNSET and a bunch of other people. Anyway, we had lawn chairs in the pool, TVs flying off the balcony, I mean it was crazy. I was using the drummer from AMEN as a human wrecking ball and because he's a skinny guy and he was wasted, I was holding him by his belt and throwing him into walls and into crowds of people. It was mayhem! At the end of the night we had a pretty hefty damage bill. I don't think we were allowed back to that Holiday Inn."

On selling almost a quarter of a million copies of their 1997 debut "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire":

"Yeah, and the second one which came out on a major sold 300,000 and the last one ('The Rise of Brutality') has sold over 200,000, and we got nominated for a Grammy so we're real excited. We're just happy that we're getting some more exposure because we've been preaching to the converted for a long time and although we've done some bigger tours and have the most dedicated, amazing fan base in the world, it's great to get some younger kids and newer fans involved that may not be familiar with hardcore heavy metal."

On the band's upcoming fourth album, "Supremacy", which Jasta describes as "an all-out onslaught of in-your-face brutality":

"This album's just more charged, more focused. There are classic HATEBREED songs on there — ones that I can see being in our set for years to come. I really set out when writing these songs with these guys that if it didn't make my hair stand up or give me chills down my spine, I didn't use it. I wanted to tap into the pure adrenaline — the speed, the brutality, the breakdowns. I wanted to make a crushing record that was going to have a memorable impact on people."

On touring with SLAYER:

"We've toured with SLAYER maybe six or seven times and they helped us when not a lot of bands were willing to. Their crowd really embraced us all over the world, I mean we played Japan with them, Europe and all over America and Canada. We were the first band to get our own name chanted before we went on. According to SLAYER most bands get up there and get what they call 'Slayerized' where the whole crowd chants 'SLAYER, SLAYER, during the support band's entire set."

Read the entire interview at this location.

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